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Shadows over Baltimore

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President/CEO:Juan Atzcapotzalco
Headquarters: Tenochtitlan, Aztlan
Principle Divisions
Baltimore Division:Randallstown, MD UCAS
Division Head:
Seattle Division:Downtown Seattle, UCAS
Division Head: Maximillian Lozano
UK Division: Aztechnology Habitat, City of London
Division Head: Diego Cuauhtemoc

I can't think of a megacorp with a worse reputation among shadowrunners than Aztechnology. These slags dream of remaking the world in the image of the old Aztec empire, no matter what the world wants. Among runners, they are known for treachery and using sacrificial blood magic, but the general public never seems to catch on. Azzie PR is incredible, and nothing the corp does sticks in the public's mind for more than a few days.

Aztechnology is based in the nation of Aztlan. Stretching from the former nation of Mexico to the Norhtern coast of South America Aztlan, where control of computer voting ensures that the country is basically another division of the corp. The Azzies provide security for the entire nation through Aztechnology Corporate Security (ACS), which also protects corporate holdings all over the world and employs about 150,000 people. ACS goons are mean, and usually very well equipped, though not always too smart.

The current president and CEO of the corp is a puppet of the Board of Directors; he has recently disappeared. The Board is using old recordings of him for trideo spots, a tactic that seems to be working just fine; not many people in Aztlan have the guts to complain, if they even notice. Just who is on the Board is a matter of debate; the Aztlan government excused the corp from having to disclose that information, so just who runs Aztechnology is unknown.

Through its subsidiaries, Aztechnology is the world's number-one producer of consumer goods, and it's a good bet that you own at least something they have produced. The mega is also the most influential corp in the Algonkian-Manitou Council through its Genetique subsidiary. Several nations, such as Tir Tairngire and Tir na Nog, refuse to allow Aztechnology to do business within their borders, however, so not everyone in the world falls for their PR miracles.

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