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Shadows over Baltimore

NN 6

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Baltimore News Net

River Pirates Attack Coastal Corporate Facility

For the third time this year, Pirates, operating across the Bay, along its rivers and tributaries, have attacked the United Oil storage facility in Locust Point. Coast Guard Captain Jack Larson had this comment; “What a lot of folks don’t realize is that we are on the border of the CAS and the FDC, there is so much traffic that comes through the bay that we cannot worry about Corporate Property while still doing our duty to the citizens of the UCAS. It is the smugglers that we have to watch out for, these scum are the ones that are bringing the weapons into your neighborhoods, drugs in your schools and BTLs in your homes.”

The Bay Pirates, as they have become known got their roots over 20 years ago. After the Zeta Impchem Spill in 2028 the local fishing industry had died. The lucky few fisherman that had the fortune to have money saved up moved away from their homes along the shore. Banks began to foreclose on the properties and many corporations bought the deeds and foreclosed, forcing most of those that could not leave out into the streets. Many families watched in horror as Corporate Demolition Drones leveled their town. In a sick twist of fate, most of those patches of land still have those same demo drones there, forgotten, rusting.

The families that remained now found themselves without homes on corporate land. They rebuilt their towns as best they could with the salvaged materials. They reinforced their fishing vessels and armed themselves, using the bay to once again support their families, this time by preying on the merchant ships that pass through the Bay. Ares has responded to this threat by sending escorts with most of its vessels and Armatech vessels are escorted by navy cruisers, what options are there for the others?

Arsonist Suspected In Motel Fire That Claimed 1 Life

The body of a man was found last night at the Pulaski Arms Motel after Fire Services responded to a fire which seemed to start from a motel room which had the burnt body of a male human. It is believed that this is drug related, probably a dealer sending a message to rivals. The condition of the body and damage to the room are not consistent with one another, suspecting that the victim was doused with an accelerant prior to being lit on fire.

This makes the 12th drug related murder this month, already it is up from last year and seems to be rising. Is this new trend a sign of a shift in power amongst the major players? Are the rumors of Yakuza taking over the harbor true or just unconfirmed paranoia?

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