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Shadows over Baltimore

Image Files (Titus)

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Handouts - Titus



All of the walls of the motel room were covered in a strange script and symbols. You could feel an energy emnate from them, they glowed subtley in a rhythmic pulse that was almost hypnotic.


There was this symbol drawn on the floor, although it too was undecipherable, it served a very specific purpose, too bad you have no idea what that purpose is.


You have seen people pay more for less, but 100,000 for this? Magicians are truly odd individuals. You cannot make out the writing on the main part of the page, you do understand the writing in the box, though it is in the asahi dialect of Japanese.
It appears to be a list of four items with names besides them.
13th Muramasa - Marushige Clan
Jar of 1000 Souls -Master Wing Ren
Prayer Beads of Master Wing Ren -Master Wing Ren
Prayer Scrolls of the Exorcist -Ariel Kingston

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