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Shadows over Baltimore

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Headquarters: Rhine-Ruhr Megaplex, German Alliance
President/CEO: Lofwyr
Baltimore Division:Middle River, MD UCAS
Division Head:Nikolai Krenchov
Seattle Division:None (officially)
Division Head: None (offcially)

Saeder-Krupp (S-K)
This is the big one. S-K is currently the most powerful corp in the world. Period. It is different from most other corps in a couple of ways. First of all, the president, CEO, and chairman of the Board is the great dragon Lofwyr. Second, Lofwyr owns 100 percent of S-K. There are no other shareholders.

Lofwyr's political power is incredible. Until recently, he was on the Council of Princes in Tir Tairngire. He can exert major influence in nearly every nation in Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. S-K also has more monopolies in heavy industry than any other corp in the world. Lots of lesser corps rely on power sources, manufacturing equipment, and raw resources that S-K provides, giving Lofwyr plenty of influence with those lesser corps as well.

Does the thought of all that power and influence scare you? It should. Pay attention to the old street adage, "never deal with a dragon," and avoid S-K. If you absolutely have to run against S-K or are dumb enough to think that you can work for Lofwyr without getting screwed, well, I have some tips for you.

If you work for S-K, you had better be successful. They keep records of the runners they've hired, and note your track record. Do well on several runs, and the corp may take you on retainer, and they do treat successful runners well. Mess up too many times, and S-K will terminate you. Make Lofwyr mad, and S-K will terminate you. It really is that simple. Lofwyr often hires runners to test the defenses of his own facilities, so just because you are running against an S-K target doesn't mean you aren't working for S-K. When hitting an S-K facility, prepare for a tough time. Lofwyr's security fears failure as much as his runners do.

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