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Shadows over Baltimore

Melee Weapons
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Melee Weapons

Blades                     Availability  Cost
Combat Axe                  8R         600
Forearm Snap Blades      6R         150
Katana                        4R         1000
Knife                            -          20
Monofilament Sword       8R         750
Survival Knife                 -          50
Sword                          4R         350
Club                              -          30
Extendable Baton             -          50
Sap                               -         30
Staff                              -         50
Stun Baton                    4R         400
Exotic Melee Weapons
Polearm                         4R         1000
Monofilament Whip          12F        3000
Shock Glove                    3R        200

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Use the Blades skill to employ these weapons.


Combat Axe: This two-handed tungsten alloy axe typically comes with a spring-loaded thrusting point concealed in the handle.

Forearm Snap-Blades: These external spurs feature three blades mounted in a forearm sheath that extend and retract via muscle-movement commands or wireless link.

Katana: The legendary, two-handed sword of the samurai-chop up your enemies with style.

Knife: A basic, all-purpose cutting tool.

Monofilament Sword: This well-balanced broadsword features superfine monofilament wire attached to its edges.

Survival Knife: This fine quality blade features several accessories: retractable GPS monitor, micro-lighter, and a compartment in the handle that will hold one small item. The flat sides of the blade are covered with a non-toxic chemical that can be activated to provide 2 hours of phosphorescent light.

Sword: Get medieval with this sharp and heavy toy of destruction. Swords encompass a variety of one-handed blades, from scimitars to machetes to longswords.



Use the Clubs skill to bludgeon your enemies with these weapons.


Club: Anything from a hickory “tire-knocker” to a baseball bat to a 2x4 with a rusty nail.

Extendable Baton: The shaft of this club telescopes out when flicked sharply. When retracted, it is more easily concealed (–2).

Sap: A small, springy club, specially designed for concealability (–2).

Staff: A large, heavy stick, popular with some magicians for that traditional look.

Stun Baton: The standard riot-control weapon, this weighted stick delivers an electrical charge that deals Electricity damage. It has 10 charges; when plugged in, it recharges at a rate of one charge per 10 seconds.


Exotic Weapons

These weapons require the Exotic Melee Weapon skill to use.


Monofilament Whip: One of the deadliest weapons on the streets, this nanowire whip cuts through bone and armor with horrifying ease. The line extends out to two meters, and retracts into the weapon’s haft when not in use. The whip action, the presence of a weighted tip, and the danger of the monofilament line make wielding this weapon difficult at best.

If an attacker using a monofilament whip rolls a glitch, she has either tangled the line around itself, gotten the weighted tip stuck on something, or inadvertently cut something nearby apart. If the attacker rolls a critical glitch, she has struck himself and must resist the whip’s standard Damage Code.

Pole Arm: This spear-like weapon usually features an axe-head or similar blade and has become quite popular with trolls and other large individuals, even though it’s not easy to handle.


Unarmed Combat

These weapons require the Unarmed Combat skill to use.


Shock Gloves: This pair of insulated plas-fabric gloves has a wire-mesh that discharges electric current when triggered by impact. The gloves deal Electricity damage and have 10 charges (each); when plugged in, they recharge at a rate of one charge per 10 seconds.


Projectile and Throwing Weapons

These weapons are man-powered, but may use simple mechanical assistance for additional distance or speed.


Bows: A traditional longbow of fiberglass or wood, or a modern compound-andpulley bow. Reloading the bow takes one “Ready Weapon” Action.

Bows have minimum Strength ratings that indicate the minimum Strength a character must have to use that weapon. When attacking with a bow, a character whose Strength is less than the Strength minimum suffers a –2 dice pool modifier per point below the minimum; this penalty reflects the difficulty they have in pulling the bow and nocking an arrow. The weapon’s minimum Strength rating is also used to determine the weapon’s range and damage.

Crossbows: Modern crossbows are equipped with automatic reloading devices to allow for faster firing rates (reloading doesn’t require a Ready Weapon action, unless you happen to be using a museum piece). Crossbows also feature internal magazines (m) holding up to 4 bolts. Available in Light, Medium, and Heavy sizes.

Injection Arrows/Bolts: An injection arrow or bolt causes the same damage as a regular arrow/bolt, but an attack that inflicts at least 1 point of damage will also deliver one dose of whatever chemical substance the arrow/bolt was loaded with. This counts as an injection attack vector.

Shuriken: This multi-edged airfoil throwing blade is available in many different styles. A character can ready Agility 2 shuriken per Ready Weapon action.

Throwing knife: Any of a variety of slim knives or spikes. A character can ready Agility 2 throwing knives per Ready Weapon action.


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