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Shadows over Baltimore

Security Gear
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Security, B&E, Disguises, Survival Gear

Security Devices                Availability   Cost
Key Lock (6)                           -          Rat x10
Maglock (6)                            -          Rat x100
-Keypad                                 -         +50
-Card-reader                           -         +75
-Anti-Tamper Circuits (4)          -          +Rat x100
-Biometric Reader(Per Reader)  +4         +200
Restraints                     Availabilty       Cost
Metal                                -              20
Plasteel                            6R             50
Plastic(per 10)                    -              1
Containment Manacles        6R              200
B&E Gear                        Availability     Cost
Autopicker(6)                       8R         Rat x200
Cellular Glove Molder(3)         12F        Rat x200
Chisel                                  -          20
Keycard Copier(6)                 8F         Rat x300
Lockpick Set                        6R         300
Maglock Passkey(6)            Rat x3F     Rat x2000
Miniwelder                            2          250
Monofilament Chainsaw          4           300
Sequencer(6)                    Rat x3F     Rat x200
Wire Clippers                        -           25
Disguise                      Availabilty     Cost
Latex Face Mask                8           500
Nanopaste Disguise
-Small Container               12           500
-Large Container               16          1000
Survival Gear          Availability    Cost
Chemsuit(6)              Rat x2       Rat x100
Climbing Gear               -           200
Diving Gear                  6           2000
Gas Mask                    -           100
Gecko Tape Gloves       12          250
GPS                            3          200
Hazmat Suit                 8          1000
Flashlight                     -          25
Light Stick                   -           5
Magnesium Torch          -           20
Micro Flare Launcher      -          50
Micro Flares                 -           25
Rapelling Gloves            -           70
Respirator(6)             Rat x2       Rat x100
Survival Kit                  4           100
Grapple Gun                 8R          500
-Catalyst Stick             8F          120
Microwire                    4            50 per 100m
Standard Rope             -            50 per 100m
Stealth Rope                8F          85 per 100m

Security Devices


Key Lock: Even in the wireless world, there are still some mechanical key locks around—some for nostalgia, some for the simple fact that many burglars don’t expect them, and others because they haven’t been replaced within the last 60 years.

Maglock: Maglocks are electronic locks with a variety of access control options, from keypads to passcards to biometrics.




Restraints: Standard metal restraints (with mechanical or wireless-controlled lock) have Armor/Structure ratings of 12.

Modern plasteel restraints that are heat-fused and remain in place until the subject is cut free have Armor/Structure ratings of 15.

Disposable plastic straps that are lightweight and easy to carry in bundles

have Armor/Structure ratings of 6.

Containment manacles are attached to a prisoner’s wrists or ankles to prevent her

from extending a cyber-implant weapon, and have Armor/Structure ratings of 12.


Breaking and Entering Tools


Autopicker: This lockpick gun is a quick and effective way of bypassing mechanical locks. The autopicker’s rating added as a dice pool modifier to the Locksmith + Agility Test to pick the lock, or used in place of Locksmith skill if the character lacks it.

Cellular Glove Molder: This device will take a finger or palm print and mold a “sleeve” that can be worn to mimic the print.

Chisel: The chisel doubles the user’s effective Strength when breaking in a door or similar obstacle by force.

Keycard Copier: The keycard copier allows the user to copy a stolen keycard in seconds before returning it to its owner. A new keycard can then be manufactured with a Hardware + Logic (8, 1 hour) Extended Test. When used, the forged keycard uses its rating in an Opposed Test against the maglock. Note that some security systems will note the unusual usage of duplicate keys (such as using a forged key to get inside a lab when the original key was used to get in recently and hasn’t left yet).

Lockpick Set: These mechanical burglary devices are used to overcome key locks. They are considered necessary tools for the task.

Maglock Passkey: The passkey can be inserted into a cardreader’s maglock, fooling it into believing that a  legitimate passkey has been inserted.

Maglock Sequencer: An electronic device required to defeat keypad-maglocks.

Miniwelder: This portable device creates a small electric arc to melt metals and other materials in order to separate them or weld them together. Its power supply provides it with a running time of 30 minutes. While creating an intense heat, the arc is much too small to make a goodweapon (you might as well try to use a lighter). When used to cut through barriers, its Damage Value is 15.

Monofilament Chainsaw: The top of each chain segment on this portable motorized saw is covered with monofilament wire. Ideal for cutting through trees, doors, and other immovable objects, it is too unwieldy to make a good melee weapon (use Exotic Melee Weapon skill and apply a –2 dice pool modifier on attack and parry tests). When used against barriers, double its Damage Value).

Wire Clippers: Wire clippers double the user’s effective Strength when cutting wire.




Latex Face Mask: When the mage has her day off, you can still disguise yourself with this handy piece of equipment. The mask includes a disposable lifecast kit that produces a true-to-life latex face replica. New disguises may be programmed with a rating equal to the hits on a Computer + Edit Test (max hits = Disguise skill). They may also be copied from a biometric scan (rating = scanner rating). The rating of the mask adds to the dice pool for Disguise Tests. The mask and kit can only be used once.

Nanopaste Disguise: The use of cheap cosmetics and latex based disguises are a thing of the past with the development of a versatile biostatic nanite paste. Once spread across the affected area, the paste utilizes the body’s bioelectric charge to power itself. It can be programmed to change color and texture or to display patterns. The paste can also remember preset configurations. A small container of paste covers the user’s face and hands, while the large container coats the entire body. The nanopaste may be programmed in the same manner as the latex face mask (above). The rating of the nanopaste disguise adds to the dice pool for Disguise Tests. The nanopaste disguise lasts for 24 hours.


Survival Gear

Common survival gear includes the following:


Chemsuit: This slick, impermeable garment is worn over other clothes and provides chemical protection equal to its rating. If worn with chemical-resistant armor, only the highest chemical protection rating applies.

Climbing Gear: Includes an ascent/descent harness, gloves, carabiners, crampons, and so forth.

Diving Gear: This underwater equipment includes a partial face mask with snorkel, a breathing regulator, an air tank with 2 hours of air, a wet suit, and a buoyancy compensator (an inflatable vest that can be used to send a diver to the surface when she can’t get there on her own). The regulator and air tank protect against inhalation vector toxins just like a gas mask. The wet suit provides a +1 dice pool bonus for resisting Cold damage.

Flashlight: Modern flashlights use long-lasting superbright LEDs. Durability and brightness depend on the size—the bigger, the better. Also available in low-light and infrared versions, reducing Visibility modifiers for low-light and thermographic vision, respectively.

Gas Mask: Completely covers the user’s face and filters out toxic substances. It provides a bonus of +2 on toxic resistance tests against gas substances. Cannot be combined with a respirator.

Gecko Tape Gloves: These gloves are made of a special dry adhesive that incorporates millions of fine microscopic hairs that bonds to other surfaces. Individually these bonding forces are insignificant, but when combined, they

are strong enough to stick a troll upside-down on a ceiling. Gecko tape gloves come as a set that includes gloves, kneepads and slip-on soles. A character using them is treated as if she were performing assisted climbing. These

gloves are useless when wet.

GPS: This device measures signals received from either wireless access points or GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites and triangulates the user’s exact location (plus or minus 5 meters). Commlinks do this automatically in wire-less environments, of course, so GPS units are primarily used in the wilderness or areas without wireless coverage.

Hazmat Suit: The hazmat suit covers the whole body and includes an internal air tank with 4 hours of air. As long as it is not damaged, it provides the user with a chemical seal and protects contact and inhalation vector toxins. Even if breached, it still provides several points of chemical protection (gamemaster’s discretion).

Light Stick: Bend, snap, and shake it for a couple of hours of chemical light.

Micro Flare Launcher: The flare launcher can shoot colored flares about 200 meters into the air, illuminating an area the size of a city block for a couple of minutes and negating the modifier for poor or low lighting. If wielded as

a weapon, use Exotic Ranged Weapon skill; the micro flare deals Fire damage.

Magnesium Torch: Activate for 5 minutes of bright torchlight.

Rappeling Gloves: These gloves are made of a special fabric that allows the wearer to get a tighter grip on a grapple line, giving her a +2 Strength bonus on all tests to hold her grip on the line. These gloves are necessary in order to

use ultrathin microwire.

Respirator: A respirator is a filtering device worn over the mouth and nose that protects against inhalation-vector toxins. The respirator adds its ratings to toxin resistance tests.

Survival Kit: An assortment of survival gear in a rugged bag. Includes a knife, lighter, matches, compass, lightweight thermal blanket, several days’ worth of ration bars, a water-purification unit, and more.


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