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Shadows over Baltimore

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Chemicals, First Aid 

Utility Chemicals (Per Dose)    Avail    Cost
Glue Sprayer                            2        150
Thermite Burning Bar                16R      500
Combat Chemicals (Per Dose)  Avail    Cost
CS/Tear Gas                              4R       150
Cyanide                                   16F       450
Gamma-Scopalmine                    14F       200
Narcoject                                  8R       50
Nausea Gas                               6R       25
Neuro-Stun                              12R       60
Pepper Punch                             -         5
Seven-7                                  20F       1000
Biotech                   Avail        Cost
Biomonitor                 -         300
Disposable Syringe      4         10
MedKit(6)                  -         Rat x100
MedKit Supplies          -         50
Slap Patches            Availabilty   Cost
Antidote Patch(6)       Rating       Rat x50
Stimulant Patch(6)    Rating x2     Rat x25
Tranq Patch(10)       Rating x2     Rat x20
Trauma Patch               2           500

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Glue Sprayer: This fast-drying aerosol superglue allows the user to quickly seal off a portal (such as a door or window). The glue takes 1 Combat Turn to harden. Anyone attempting to force open the door must make a Strength + Body Opposed Test against the glue’s dice pool of 10.

Thermite Burning Bar: Thermite gel is an incendiary material that burns at extremely high temperatures. It is applied with the help of a burning bar—a rod of thermite and oxygen mounted on a handle and in a frame—that can be used to melt holes in iron, steel, and even plasteel. The thermite burning bar inflicts Fire Damage with a DV of 20. It cannot be used as a weapon, as it must be carefully applied.




Biomonitor: This compact device measures life signs—heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and so on. The biomonitor can also analyze blood, sweat, and skin samples. Used by medical services and patients who need to monitor their own health, biomonitors can be worn as an armband or wristband or integrated into clothing.

Disposable Syringe: Made of plastic with a metal needle, syringes are intended for a single use. Can be used to apply injection-vector toxins.

Medkit: The medkit includes drug supplies, bandages, tools, and a (talkative) doctor-expert system that will advise the user on techniques to handle most typical medical emergencies (including fractures, gunshot wounds, chemical wounds, and poisoning, as well as offering advice for the treating shock handling blood loss, and of course  performing resuscitations). The medkit’s rating adds to the dice pool of all First Aid Tests, and it must be refilled regularly (usually after every mission, gamemaster’s discretion).


Slap Patches

Slap patches are adhesive DMSO-based drug dispensers that allow continual, safe administration of necessary chemicals. They are applied directly to the patient’s skin. Applying a slap patch to an unwilling patient requires a successful melee attack (touch only).


Antidote Patch: Add the rating of an antidote patch to any toxin resistance tests  made within 20 minutes after it has been applied (this only applies for toxin the antidote protects against).

Stimulant Patch: This patch allows a user to ignore the injury modifiers of Stun damage; treat it as High Pain Tolerance equal to patch’s rating. This effect lasts for rating x 10 minutes—after that period of time, she receives one additional point of Stun damage. While a stimulant patch is in effect, the character is unable to rest.

Tranq Patch: This patch inflicts Stun damage equal to its rating.

Trauma Patch: If placed on a dying patient, it allows her to make a stabilization test  using her Body instead of First Aid/Medicine.




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