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Shadows over Baltimore

Western Baltimore
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West Baltimore

Neighborhoods and Security Ratings
D:Druid Hill
Z:Druid Hill Park, Mondawmin

Druid Hill
This neighborhood has been run down and is home to a large portion of the probationary citizens (Metahuman mate) living in the City. The Elves that live along the park are those that can not afford the rent of Patterson. The remainder of the area is heavily impoverished and rampant with gang activity. The BCPD does not respond to most of the calls in the neighborhood due to their tarnished reputation among the awakened.
Druid Hill Park
The Elves opened the zoo and the park allowing many animals to travel freely within the area. A simple wall is all that keeps the animals from running free throughout the rest of the area and the attendant druids that have reclaimed the area.
The Courts
What used to be a public recreation center has become a makeshift neighborhood association. Many of the gangs participate for the betterment of their race's interests, though many of the largest gangs like the Ancients and Trogs don't care about anything but themselves.
On weekends the basketball courts and fields are turned into a large open air market/swap meet. The BCPD raids the events once or twice a year just for a show of force.

Places of Interest
BCPD Western Precinct
Major Frank Carter
Location: 2201 W Cold Spring Ln
Druid Hill Park Wildlife Refuge
Owner: None
Location: (Druid Hill Park)
Owner: Fred Diehl
Location: Reisterstown Rd (Druid Hill)
Aztechnology Research Park
Location: Gwynn Falls Pkwy

Places to be
The Underground
Owner: None
Location: Mondawmin Mega-mall
Strong bias against non-orks, trolls or dwarves.
This is it, the remains of the old Mandawmin Urban Renewal Project's Mondawmin Mega Mall. Due to a number of unfortunate circumstances it was abandoned and then quickly claimed and inhabited by a large population of dispirited metahumans. It is about the safest place for a meta to be if being sought out.

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