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Shadows over Baltimore

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Dodge Scoot(Scooter)/$3000

Harley-Davidson Scorpion(Chopper)/$12000

Yamaha growler(Off-Road Bike)/$5500

Suzuki Mirage(Racing Bike)/$6500



Honda Spirit(Subcompact)/$10000

Mercury Comet(Sedan)/$14000

Mitsubishi Nightsky(Limousine)/$120000

Eurocar Westwind 2050(Sports Car)/$85000



Ares Master (Cargo)/ $55000

GMC Bulldog (Van) /$35000


Boats & Subs

MT Sea Nymph (Yacht)  /$170000

SC Otter Sport (Sport Cruiser) /$12500

Vulkan Electronaut (Minisub) Avail: 10/$158000


Winged Planes

Cessna C750(Twin Prop) Avail: 8/$164000



Ares Dragon(Cargo Helicoter) Avai:12 /$495,000

Hughes Stallion(Utility Helicopter) Avail: 12 /$225000

Northrup Wasp(Autogyro) Avail: 12R /$106000



Federated Boeing Commuter(Tilt Wing Plane) Avail: 16R/$320000



S-B Microskimmer(Microdrone) Avail:8/$1000

Aztechnology Crawler(Small) Avail:4/$1700

Lockheed Optic-X(Small) Avail: 6/$1700

GM-Nissan Doberman (Medium) Avail:6/$3000

MCT-Nissan Roto-drone(Medium) Avail:6/$2000

Renraku Stormcloud(Medium) Avail:6/$2600

C-D Dalmation(Large) Avail: 9/$2200

CrashCart AutoDoc(Large) Avail:8R/$4000

Steel Lynx(Large) Avail:12R/$5000


Vehicles & Drones

Rigger Adaptation: When added to a vehicle, this “black box” allows a character with a control rig

to rig the vehicle, either through a direct fiberoptic cable or wireless link.

Weapon Mounts: Vehicles may be equipped with a number of weapon mounts equal to their Body 3 (round

down). Weapon mounts may hold any LMG or smaller-sized weapon and 250 rounds of ammo.






Dodge Scoot: This electric-powered scooter is perfect for whizzing down city streets.

Harley-Davidson Scorpion: This bike is a classic, heavy-bodied road hog.

Yamaha Growler: A durable off-road cycle, popular with thrill-seekers.

Suzuki Mirage: This racing bike is a fast street machine whose slick styling makes it a favorite with go-gangs.




Honda Spirit: A sleek three-wheeled two-seater with an electric engine, the Spirit is popular with commuting sprawl dwellers.

Mercury Comet: This standard sedan is famous for its reliability.

Eurocar Westwind 2050: A sleek, low-slung speed machine. This turbocharged luxury car offers improved suspension and high performance—at a price.

Mitsubishi Nightsky: Decadent, secure, and high-tech, this limo is the standard transport for corp executives and media stars. Features concealed armor and a chemical seal.

GMC Bulldog Step-Van: An armored van favored by delivery drivers and shadowrunner teams.




Samuvani Criscraft Otter: A mid-size craft fine for pleasure boating, the Otter also does light hauling and utility work. This five-meter long vessel features a fiberglass open hull.

Marine Tech Sea Nymph: An opulent luxury yacht for those who like to sail in style.

Vulkan Electronaut: A 2-person minsub available in a wide selection of utility models.




Fixed Wing


Cessna C750: This dual-prop craft can carry passengers or serve as a surveillance plane.




Ares Dragon: This solid-built, versatile helicopter can be fitted with extra cargo containers.

Hughes Stallion: This workhorse utility helicopter can be fitted to carry cargo, though it slows the vehicle down.

Northrup Wasp: This one-person rotorcraft was designed for police service. Comes equipped with one weapon (LMG or smaller).




Federated Boeing Commuter: This tilt-wing aircraft sees heavy use as an inter-city shuttle.



All drones are equipped with rigger adaptation.


Sikorsky-Bell Microskimmer: Quiet and durable, this skimmer is smaller than a can lid and can even skim over water.

Aztechnology Crawler: Designed to operate as a remote snooper in rough rural or urban terrain, this small crawler can handle stairs and other obstacles.

Lockheed Optic-X: The wings on this VSTOL stealth craft fold up for easy transport.

GM-Nissan Doberman: The Doberman is a perimeterpatrol crawler drone equally effective during daytime or nighttime conditions. Comes equipped with one weapon (LMG or smaller) and Clearsight 3 and Targeting 3 autosofts.

MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone: The Roto-Drone is a simple, no-nonsense rotor-wing drone design.

Renraku Stormcloud: This solar-powered mini-blimp can stay in the air for days high above its surveillance target. Commonly used as an eye-in-the-sky for site security as well as various air traffic control functions. Equipped with a Clearsight 3 autosoft.

Cyberspace Designs Dalmatian: The Dalmatian vectored-thrust recon drone features a unique limited hover capability.

CrashCart AutoDoc: The autodoc is a mobile stabilization unit—it immediately stabilizes any character hooked up to it. The AutoDoc is equipped with a Rating 4 medkit.

Steel Lynx Combat Drone: A hardened ground-combat machine. Carries one weapon (LMG or smaller), and is equipped with Defense 3 and Targeting 3 autosofts.

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