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Shadows over Baltimore

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Armatech (LTG: NA/UCAS/NE/)

HQ:Middle River, MD UCAS

Division: Research and Development LTG: NA/UCAS/NE/9500 (65-8726)

Location: Edgewood Arsenal

This is where all of the wonderful toys are made, at least for this branch of Armatech. Military, Security and the Robotics Division all maintain labs here, though after they pass the R&D Phase they are contracted to a manufacturer and stored within the various divisions Showrooms.

Division: Armatech Security


Division: Armatech Military LTG: NA/UCAS/NE/8000 (21-9263)

Location: Severna Park

Located a short distance from Ft Meade, the Armatech Military division is comprised mostly of warehouses, showrooms and sales offices. The bulk of all R & D is handled by that Division.

Division: Special Acquisitions LTG: NA/UCAS/NE/8250 (00-9999)

Location: Galleria Arcology

Primarily used to handle the multiple mercenary contracts that they maintain, this division is the most likely to contract shadow resources. The entire division is comprised of ex-government agents, mostly NSA and CIA though there are other Nations represented in foreign branches.

Division: Armatech Robotics LTG: NA/UCAS/NE/9500 (14-6389)

Location: Edgewood Arsenal

This division is one of the front runners in robotic and powered harness systems. With an exclusive contract with Transys-Neuronet for its’ advancements in DNI technology rumors persist of an experimental “powered” armor which is controlled via cybernetic systems similar to that of a Vehicle Control Rig. The Edgewood Arsenal is one of the most secured sites outside of the FDC.

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