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Shadows over Baltimore

Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
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Mitsuhama Computer Technologies


Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan
Presdient/CEO: Toshiro Mitsuhama
Baltimore Division:
Division Head:
Seattle Division: Dowtown Seattle
Divsion Head: Tamatsu Sakura

Mitsuhama Computer Technologies 

MCT, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan is the fourth largest corporation in the world, and the second largest Japanese Corporation. It deals primarily with computers and robotics, but also possess extensive holdings in heavy industry, multimedia and thaumaturgy. It owes its name to its founde Taiga Mitsuhama, who now holds about 2% of the stock with his son and current CEO of MCT Toshiro Mitsuhama.

MCT is the largest source of entertainment worldwide. Thus MCT stands completely in front in profit yielding ranges like the simsense industry, the trideo market and the music industry. MCT is number two in heavy industry just behind Saeder-Krupp and likewise is number two in the Magic Industry, behind Aztechnology.

MCT is connected closely with the Japanese Yakuza. When MCT was formed, capital was placed by the Yakuza into the organization , and therefore Yakuza members still sit on the board today. MCT provides enough money and money laundering to the Yukaza that MCT functions relatively independently without them.

MCT is considered very aggressive with regards to intruders. Their defense concept is known as Zero Zone. There is no penetration and no survival. MCT does not take prisoners. They shoot first and ask later. The magic defense is top class and each important asset is defended with riggers. In addition, they use paranormal critters more often than other corporations.

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