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Shadows over Baltimore

Baltimore City
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Baltimore, MD UCAS

Baltimore County
Baltimore City

Baltimore at a Glance
Population: 780,000 SINners, est. 2 million (SINless)
-Human: 73%
-Elf: 8%
-Dwarf: 6%
-Ork: 7%
-Troll: 5%
-Other: 1%
Population Density: 13.21 per sq. mile
Per Capita Income: $56,489 a year
Population below poverty level: 11%
Corporate-Affiliated Population: 465,000
Hospitals: 18
-Internal Combustion Vehicle: 950,000 Registered
-Grid-Guide Electric Vehicles, Individual: 75%
-Grid-Guide Electric Vehicles, Group: 25%
-Mag-Lev: 1.5 Million passengers/year
-Monorail: 1.9 Million passengers/year
Felonious Crime Rate: 11 per 1000

Baltimore City Public Services
Police Services: BCPD, Inc
Fire Control:
Health Care:
Public Works:
Public Database: Renraku Computer Systems
Public Telecomm:
Grid-Guide System:
Power: Constellation Atomic

Baltimore Private Colleges and Universities
Baltimore Hebrew University
A private institution offering a curriculum on Jewish and Hebrew history, practices and beliefs. It is very secure with tight magical and mundane defenses.
Baltimore International College
Culinary arts college, has a sister campus in Tir Na Nog. Most of the local cooks have been students of the BIC at one point or another.
College of Notre Dame
This all female college is the training ground for some of the most elegant and wealthy of Baltimore's socialites and corporate executives. Considered more of a finishing school, the college does boast a select academic syllabus.
John's Hopkins University
This is the flagship of Hopkins-Krieger's Academia Divsion, one of the top medical universities in the world, the University also provides a diverse array of other mundane degrees.
Loyola College in MD
Loyola is a joint venture by the UCC at providing non-corporate citizens the chance to learn the skills and values that many Corporations seek in their employees. Nearly 98% of all graduates have found employment in the Corporate Sector after graduation according to their numbers.
Magical Institute College of Arts
MICA is a popular college for the awakened, providing a diverse curriculum on the use of Magic as an art medium. The student body is mostly mundane which causes a number of issues amongst their magical peers for use of facilities, labs and workshops. Campus security is handled by Wolverine Security, they have a number of Mages within their ranks to deal with any "accidents" that may happen for an art project.
Peabody Institute
The Peabody has always been one of the premiere facilities for musicians, today it is no different. Operating with a similar structure and curriculum as MICA, the Peabody takes it a step further and admits almost exclusively Awakened students. They have courses for the mundane, however most of the courses are simply technical and music theory.
Sojourner-Douglass College
Originally intended to be an accessible university for minority students, after UGE and goblinization it has become primarily a metahuman college. Racial tensions are high between students and faculty and Eagle Security, and the BCPD does not help the situation with their heavy handed tactics whenever a demonstration occurs.
Despite the obvious race issues, the College maintains top notch Media Arts and Matrix Programming Programs, training some of the hottest Deckers and best Simsense Producers in the city.

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