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Shadows over Baltimore

Corporate Security

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Corporate Security Devices

Security Walls

The most basic of defences, yet for centuries it has held true to be one of the most formidable obstacles an invading army had to overcome. Security Walls in the 2050s have advanced quite a bit since ancient times. Stone and timber have been replaced by Plastics with the strength and durability of the same amount of steel, concrete which has been chemically altered on a molecular level to withstand heavy artillery without a scratch or appear solid from one side and transparent from the other.

Walls of ivy, tall hedges and algae (underwater) all provide adequate barriers against astral intruders. Adding a bed of moss across the roofs of a building can effectively keep out astral forms. Various types of bacterias are being tested with building materials to test the viability of a manufactured defense, especially in high pollution areas in which natural barriers are not an option.

Security Gate


Security Cameras

Hand Reader

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Fingerprint Scanner


Maglock -Passcode w/ Card Reader

Maglocks with card readers can be opened with a Maglock Passkey. In this case there is a passcode reader as well which requires a Maglock Sequencer, see below. A passkey can also be duplicated with a Maglock Key Duplicator, though strange anomalies with its' use, such as the fake accessing an area the original is still in. The lock can also be hacked, though it must be able to be accessed by the Decker, usually requiring removing the face plate which can be time consuming and trigger alarms of its own.

Maglock -Passcode

Defeating a Maglock with a passcode requires a Maglock Sequencer, an Electronics Kit or a Decker that can hack the security system and either open the door or authenticate a fake passcode. Of course, knowing it is the easiest course of action. The same anomalous behavior with a stolen code as with a duplicated passkey will alert Security.

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