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Shadows over Baltimore

Federal District of Columbia
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Arlington (Population: 240,000)
Alexandria A
Upper middle class residential.
Arlington AA
Upper class residential and office neighborhoods.
National Airport AAA
Reserved for specially cleared flights.
Old Towne AA
Upper class residences, with a historic district, high priced shops, restaraunts and clubs.
Pentagon-Crystal City AAA
Upper middle class residential and business, major governement offices and the Pentagon.
Rosslyn AA
Major office blocks and business area.
Fairfax (Population:776,000)
Fairfax A
Middle class residential and business areas.
Falls Church B
Middle and lower class residential and business areas.
Lorton Special
DeeCee prison complex-extremely high security.
Reston AA
Upper middle and middle class residential areas.
I-66 Corridor B
Major business and middle class residential areas.
I-95 Corridor A
Major business and upper middle class residential areas.
Tysons Corner B
Major business district.
Vienna A
Upper and middle class residential district.
Dulles International Airport AAA
FedPol provides security for this major airport.
Howard (Population: 853,000)
Baltimore-Washington International Airport AAA
Security provided by Knight-Errant.
Columbia A
Middle class residences, medium office distances
Ellicott City B
Mostly undeveloped with a large shaman population, Lore stores in the historic district, several upper class developments.
Ft Meade AA
Major military reservation.
Montgomery (Population: 853,000)
Bethesda-Chevy Chase A
Upper class and upper middle class residences, major office blocks.
Rockville D
Run down business district.
Wheaton C
Lower class residential and business districts.
Gaithersburg A
Middle class bedroom community.
Germantown A
Middle class residential and medium business area.
Silver Spring B
Lower class residential and business area.
Takoma Park B
Middle class residential, artist's district, lore stores.

Population Density:
Per Capita Income:
Population below poverty level:
Corporate-Affiliated Population:
-Internal Combustion Vehicle:
-Grid-Guide Electric Vehicles, Individual:
-Grid-Guide Electric Vehicles, Group:
Felonious Crime Rate:

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