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Shadows over Baltimore


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Nottingham, Baltimore County, MD UCAS

Ares Macrotechnology's Nottingham Arcology Courtyard

Places to see
The Nottingham Arcology
The Ares Arcology is Nottingham. It looks like a giant box from the outside, surrounded by suburban sprawl of the White Marsh/Perry Hall neighborhoods.
The Arcoloy has 5 main areas, the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta Sectors and the Courtyard. Knight-Errant patrols the entire Arcology and is the only security provider for the facility.
Alpha District, or the North Wing contains a number of offices, laboratories and workshops for employees of Ares Macrotech. It is the most secure of all of the sections of the Arcology.
Bravo District, or the South Wing is the main entertainment distrct for the Arcology, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, simsense theaters and arcades and one of the largest selection of upscale department and grocery stores in the area. The main Arcology entrance is located here and is one of the only areas visitors may travel freely. A number of choices are available for lodging, from a simple coffin hotel to a luxurious suite in one of the lavish hotels.
Charlie District, or the West Wing is reserved for the apartments, penthouses and shopping of the Corps executives and managers. Hopkins-Krieger also has a small hospital within this area for its' residences.
Delta District, or the East Wing is a combination of secured storage and apartments for everyone else that works in the Arcology. A large biodome at the top of this section grows about 28% of the food consumed by the residents and the purification plant in the sublevels can recycle nearly 93% of all waste water.
The Courtyard of the Arcology is an artificial environment, while the trees, grass and plants are real, the simulated weather is not. Utilizing a state of the art environmental control system when you look up at the ceiling of the Arco you see the sky and clouds, feel the wind, and it even rains at scheduled intervals.

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