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Shadows over Baltimore

Titus Sho's Contacts

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Ryu Shotozumi

Ryu Shotozumi
: Oyabun Shotozumi-Gumi (Baltimore)
Influence: Criminal, Corporate
Ryu Shotozumi is the younger brother of Hanzo Shotozumi, Oyabun of one of Seattle's most powerful criminal syndicates in the world and your previous boss. Ryu was sent to Baltimore to bring a real Yakuza presence to the Port City. He arrived a year ahead of you, in part due to your actions in Seattle for the Renraku Magacorporation, which they gave the rights to a luxury hotel in Baltimore's Inner Harbor to the Yakuza as payment. He has been busy negotiating contracts and terms for opening a full blown casino in a city that strictly regulates gambling, only allowing slots with a license, a license controlled by the Mafia.
He is almost open for business, so Hanzo sent you here to provide any "special" assistance his brother may require. The two of you have not had much contact, even back in Seattle, however you find yourself in a different city even further from your home in Japan to do a job.

Mr Johnson

Mr Johnson
: Fixer
Influence: Street, Criminal, Corporate
Contact: LTG (NA/UCAS/SEA 4206 48-9902)
You don't know who this person is, Ryu gave you the number if you needed any special equipment. Apparently he is the one that arranged your apartments "public services".


: Street Dealer
Influence: Street, Media
Contact: LTG (NA/UCAS/NE 8200 93-2942)
Trixie is pretty well known around the nightclubs of the harbor as the girl to see if you want to party. She is always in the company of more muscle than brain jocks from the local universities, but the quality of her merchandise is well worth the experience.

Tiny Tim

"Tiny Tim"
Occupation: Mafia Bookie
Influence: Street, Criminal
Contact: None
Tiny Tim, as you know him is your typical lowlife scumbag, he hangs around the many Sports Bars in the Galleria Arcology and mostly handles business less than $5,000. He is not well liked by most of his associates, however he is the only game in town that doesn't care that you are "the Enemy".

5th Column

5th Column
Occupation: Trid Pirate/Decker
Influence: Media, Street, Corporate, Government
Contact: LTG (NA/UCAS/MW)
5th Column is Josh Stantons on air personality. Operating a pirate trid show out of Chicago, Illinois, the kid is a brilliant decker. He has contacts in the Media, Corporate, Street and Political circles of the UCAS. Anywhere or anytime he can embarass or discredit those in power he will jump at the opportunity. He was a contact you made while in prison, corresponding with him on a number of "investigative" reports into Seattle's Crowded Prison System. He also has a serious grudge against Renraku, though his ire is obvious he doesn't speak about the reasons behind his hatred. He travels across the UCAS and the CAS covering various events and seems to have taken a serious interest in you since your first communication.