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Shadows over Baltimore

Titus Arc 01

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Monday March 3, 2050

You have been here in Baltimore for two weeks, you feel as if you are a pariah amongst the local Yakuza, the Oyabun has yet to call upon your services. Well this sure beats the frag out of prison, so you can't complain too much. You have a nice one bedroom apartment with most of the luxuruies a mid level corporate executive would have in his home.
You look at the clock, 6:15. You still are not used to being able to sleep past 6am, eating food on something other than a foam tray or not having to worry about taking a shower and being stabbed with something you don't want inside of you. The smell of the Insta Caf brewing snaps you back to the here and now. That was the old you, that person no longer exists, Dr Deus made sure of that. This is an opportunity for a fresh start, or as fresh as you can get in the Yakuza.
You move across the living room to turn on the trid, figuring to check the weather before you go out to score a bag of coke. The last two lines from last night are still on the counter, next to your cigarettes. That should get you through the hangover that you are suddenly aware of.
Just as you reach out to grab the controller, a face materializes in front of your eyes. The face is that of a demon, its eyes glowing an eerie green. It stares directly at you as you pull your hand back from it. Its too fragging early for this drek....
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Demonic Visage Appears
The face was that of a demon, staring at you as if burning a hole into your soul.

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