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Shadows over Baltimore

Ares Macrotechnology
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Headquarters: Detroit, MI UCAS
President/CEO: Damien Knight
Principal Divisions
Division Name: Knight-Errant Security
Division Head: Roger Soaring Owl
Division Name: Ares Arm
Division Head: Guido Cantarelli
Baltimore Division: Nottingham, MD UCAS
Division Head: Nathan Calloway
Seattle Division:Bellevue, Seattle UCAS
Division Head: Karen King

Ares Macrotechnology
Based out of Detroit in the United Canadian and American States (UCAS), Ares is an icon to the UCAS people. They represent hard work and strong values, right up there with mom and apple pie. The rest of the world knows better, though, and sees the cold-hearted corporation behind the hype. Ares is no better and no worse than the other megas, children. Keep that in mind if they ever hire you.

Ares was started by Nicholas Aurelius, and he built the corporation into a big deal, doing things like purchasing NASA in its entirety from the old U.S. government. After he retired, he passed the reins to his son Leonard, but his leadership didn't last long. In 2033, a series of lightning fast computer based stock transactions known as the Nanosecond Buyout handed control of the corp to Damien Knight.

Ares has plenty of divisions and subsidiaries. One of the biggest is Ares Arms, the largest weapons distributor in the world, and probably the first thing runners think of when they hear the word Ares. AresSpace is another biggie; it's the evolution of NASA that has made Ares a pioneer in off-world development. The most important Ares division to us runners, though, is Knight Errant (KE) Security Services. Pushing out the independent security company, Lone Star, Knight Errant is not just Ares? corp security. These guys provide municipal police, urban-crisis management (read: riot police), special forces ops, and lots more, working for governments and corps alike. Chances are that you will run into KE at some point in your careers, probably fairly often.

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