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Shadows over Baltimore

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Welcome to the Shadows Chummer

Welcome to Charm City, the second largest Port City in the UCAS. Sitting along the Chesapeake Bay it is a haven for Smugglers making runs into the CAS or from Off-Shore Cargo Ships. Being so close to the FDC, air traffic is strictly monitored within and to the south of Baltimore. Numerous megacorporations have interests in the city, the most influential one is Hopkins-Krieger Biomedics, one of the leaders in Genetech, Biotech and Paragenetics. The municipal government of the city followed suit, contracting nearly every aspect of public service to private coprporate contractors. Even the police department became a corporation, the BCPD, inc to be exact. Despite charges of racism, corruption and brutality they managed to secure the contract for the cities Police Provider, at least until 2052.
Organized crime runs rampant through the city as it always has. The major player is the mafia, supported by both the NYC and FDC families for decades, they have connections in the BCPD, Municipal and Metroplex governments as well as many of the Clubs and Bars in the Inner Harbor. The Yakuza and Korean Seoulpa Gangs are present as well, but with the Mafia's stranglehold on the docks it has not allowed them to gain as much influence as they can. A new player has recently arrived on the scene, they call themselves the Brotherhood, not to be mistaken for the Universal Brotherhood. Unique to the Syndicates, the Brotherhood appears to be made up mostly of metahumans, orks and trolls of African descent. They have gained important markets withi the barrens and slums of Baltimore that meta's are forced into.


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