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Shadows over Baltimore

Smugglers/Pirates of Baltimore

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Major Bay Pirate Families

Middle River Pirates

Leader: Juan Diego Ramirez

Territory: Middle River

This loose confederation of families have made off better than the others along the bay, mainly due to the proximity to a number of industrial areas and plentiful work. Still, some have turned to piracy, raiding the few smaller ships that pass through the area. They have an intimate knowledge of the back rivers, coves and inlets allowing them to quickly vanish before authorities can react.


Good Ole Boys

Leader: Robert Clayton

Territory: Chesapeake Bay

Robert Clayton is considered by many in the area as an usurper, he arrived in Baltimore 5 years ago, and in those 5 years married into the largest family on the Eastern Shore. His reorganization of the family and eventual transfer of control has turned them into an efficient machine. It wasn’t long until they began to force other families to join, or they killed them and took what little they had for their own. It is believed that they have a number of shamans or magicians in their number, some of their attacks could only have been completed the way they were by magic.


Branson Family

Leader: Zeke Branson

Territory: North Chesapeake

Zeke Branson runs his family with an iron fist, he knows that it is only a matter of time until Clayton targets them to join. He relies heavily on the advice of Mama C, a Hougan Priestess, recently having curtailed his activities.


The Clan

Leader: Roscoe Jenkins

Territory: CAS/UCAS Chesapeake Area

If these Pirates ever stopped their internal disputes and feuding they may pose a serious threat to the other families. Comprised completely of humans they enjoy targeting ships flying foreign flags or those of corporations with dealings with the Awakened. They have a few larger surplus military vessels and connections within the CAS navy.

Local Smuggling Gangs

The Cutters

This gang has branches in nearly every major city from Baltimore to Seattle and Texas to Vancouver. If there is a market for it, this gang knows how to get it and distribute it. It is organized much like a corporation, various cells of the gang handles specific areas of business. Of course the highest honor goes to the border runners who keep the network running. The Baltimore Branch controls most of the waterborne traffic and side roads, however the highways are contested between the Pagans, Aryan Brotherhood, Ancients and Trogs. The value of the main roads is not worth the blood that would need to be spilled to control and maintain, especially with Knight Errant handling highway patrol duties.

The local leader is a former UCAS Marine Tank Commander, an orc simply called “Chief”. He has 6 lieutenants, one each in charge of land and water operations, another in charge of distribution, one deals with acquisitions, one handles contract negotiations, and finally Bob Big Boy, a former Troll Combat Biker handles any contractual disputes.

Aryan Brotherhood

This all human all white go gang claims the entirety of 95, 695 and 70 as theirs. This gang was born in the prison and through prisons are controlled by the upper echelon. These are professional thugs, they abide by a twisted sense of honor. They do not harm women or children, will deal with other races if there is money to be made and most don’t proscribe to racism as a belief as much as it is an image to inspire fear. That isn’t to say there are not elements in the gang that adhere to such twisted principles, and as a whole the gang supports the Humanis Policlub, though it has more to do with money than ideals.

The Ancients

This elf only gang has chapters in a lot of the larger cities around the world. They pack serious firepower and back it up with members trained in paramilitary tactics. It is rumored that they are somehow connected to the Tir government, however no truth to the rumors has yet to be furbished. They operate mostly in the Elf neighborhoods of Patterson and Druid Hill, though their operations have them on 96 and 70 a lot.

The Trogs

This is an all Troll gang that claims 95 and 695 as its’ territory. They maintain their main base in Druid Hill, but most of them are constantly patrolling their turf.

The Pagans

This is another all human gang, though color of skin doesn’t matter to them. Adhering a bit more strictly to the racist dogma of the Humanis Policlub, the Pagans have contacts within the National Guard which provides them with some serious firepower. These guys have their hands in almost every weapon that is sold in Maryland illegally. Only the Ancients rival them in gun running. They maintain a number of roadhouses around the city and along the eastern shore, these bars have motels and prostitutes on the same lot, providing a good source of revenue from passing truckers.

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