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Shadows over Baltimore

Galleria Arcology

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Hopkins-Krieger Galleria Arcology

Arcology North

H-K Galleria Arcology
Started construction in 2037 by Levi, Rouse and Brackhaven Investments until the company was shut down by the FTC for connections with the Mafia. In 2042 Hopkins-Krieger dissolved a number of subsidiary companies and immediately siezed all assets, including the Arcology project which fell into the Cities hands after LRB folded and they were all too happy to unload, including any claim or rights to the land itself. With the assistance of Renraku Computer Systems the Arcology was finished by 2046. The reason it was built so quickly is that most of the original buildings on the property were left standing, beneath this monstrosity forming the Undercity.
The Strip is the Pratt Overpass, this is the main entertainment area of the Arcology. It boasts the largest tourist population in Maryland and it is designed with that in mind. Nightclubs, bars, restaurants and shopping stores surround you with holographic billboards hawking the latest techno toys, synth po, rock and techno booming from the clubs, most with lines wrapping around the Strip. There is no parking along the Strip, a number of garages are connected to the Charles and St Paul Overpasses. The Camden Station is located adjacent to the Convention Center, an attached yet seperate entity from the Arcology, and the southern Overpass Ramp.
A number of Corporations maintain offices in the upper levels of the Arcology, paying top dollar for the Extrateritoriality conferred by Hopkins-Krieger. Since it is now considered foreign soil the BCPD has no authority or jurisdiction over the Arcology and its' property, numerous "incidents" occur in the Undercity because of jurisdictional discrepancies between them and the security outfit hired for the Arcology, Knight-Errant. KE security are armed and equipped better than their BCPD counterparts and include a sizable number of Combat Mages compared to BCPD's 4. Drones, Elementals and Cybered guards patrol the Galleria and the Undercity proving to be a strong deterrent to trouble makers.
The Other Side
Despite the tight security crime does exist within the plasteel walls of paradise. The mafia controls a number of the bars and nightclubs along the strip, including the masive Power Plant Live, a nightclub with 20 different bars and a coffin hotel. The Yakuza have recently purchased the Sheraton which they have converted into the only Casino in the city. It is slated for a late 2050 opening. So far there have been no overt moves by either side.
Important Places
Hopkins-Krieger's main headquarters is located in the Ivory Tower, the tallest point of the Arcology. It has it's own Airbus terminal and helicopter port and various specialty shops. The Silver Serpent is one of the most exclusive restaurants in the entire  city, a very discreet and private club.

Special Attractions
RCS Science and Cyberspace Center
National Parazoological Aquarium
Landmark Theater
Grayson Ampitheater
Power Plant Live
Department Stores
Lacy's, Amazonia Republic, S-Mart, Pagoda
Grocery Stores
Greene's Grocers, Stuffer Shack, Best Foods
Phillip's on the Bay, Haussner's, O'Leary's, Gracie's for Ribs, Carnivale
Neon Martini, Takura's, The Abyss, Mercury, The Zone, DSX
Body + Tech, A New You
Sheraton, Hilton, Harbor View, Comfy Cubicle

Getting into the Arcology
By Car
Arcology Entrances
Rt 40 Overpass -Saratoga Garage
Charles Overpass -North Garage
St Paul Overpass -Lexington Station Garage
By Air
Robert F Kennedy Airbus Terminal (HOP)
By Foot
The Strip (Main Artery for Trams and skywalks)
Calvert St (Government Plaza Entrance)
Mercy Medical Center
Water St Station (Undercity)
Arco Scrub Station (Undercity) Secured
Arco Substation (Undercity) Secured
By Train
Greene St -Light Rail
MCT Center -Light Rail
Lexington Station (Undercity) -MARC
By Water
Phillip's Marina

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