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Shadows over Baltimore

Decker's Contacts

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Personal Contacts

Lt Johnson

Lt Jake Johnson
Occupation: CAS Navy Lieutenant
Influence: Military, Government
Lt Johnson has been in the navy that he served in the US Navy. A graduate of both the Naval Special Warfare School and the Naval Academy he has been assigned to military intelliigence for the past 10 years.
He served as your handler for your mercenary career, you still maintain contact with him though you haven't been back to Louisiana to see him.

Mrs Johnson

Loretta Simpkins
Occupation: Hopkins Division Head
Influence: Corporate
Loretta Simpkins was the Hopkins head for the Ft Carroll Project. She always seems busy and that you are wasting her time, though she seems to wield some considerable influence within the Corporation and has always been honest with you.


Occupation: Electronic Store Owner
Influence: Matrix, Street
This old geezer runs "Byte Me", a small electronics and software store he operates out of the basement f his rowhome in Remington. He is easily in his 70s, and despite his cantankerous attitude has some of the hottest programs you have ever seen.
You haven't spent much time in his shop, having just met him last week.


Occupation: Fixer
Influence: Street, Corporate
Killian is the fixer you have been using since you came up north from New Orleans, especially the past month since your contract with Hopkins ran out. He can provide you with most non matrix gear, specializing in weapons and jobs for the most part.

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