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Shadows over Baltimore

Renraku Computer Systems
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Headquarters: Chiba, Japan
President/CEO: Inazo Aneki
Principal Divisions
Baltimore Division: Hunt Valley Megaplex, MD UCAS
Division Head:
Seattle Division: Downtown Seattle, UCAS
Division Head:
UK Division: Dagenham, London Sprawl
Division Head: Frank Butcher

Renraku Computer Systems 

Renraku's major focus is the Matrix, though they dabble in whatever will make nuyen. Their computer science advancements are rivaled only by Novatech, and were unrivaled before Deus arrived and started messing around with things. Cyberware and bioware have also become a strong point of the corp, following the acquisition of several smaller corps dedicated to that line of research.

Security at a Renraku facility depends on how important it is to the major players in the corp Unimportant sites may have manpower shortages or equipment failures, but hot spots will be seriously protected. Matrix security is Renraku's strong point, but they also have the Red Samurai: elite soldiers and security specialists with skills including electronics, demolitions, combat magic, and military strategy. The Reds generally guard only the most important locations, but if you do spot them, be careful. Very careful.

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