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Shadows over Baltimore

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Ranged Weapons

Weapon                             Availability      Cost
Hold Out Pistols
Raecor Sting                        6R              350
Streetline Special                  4R              100
Light Pistols
Colt Americal L36                  4R              150
Fichetti Security 600             6R              450
Hammerli 620S                      8R              650
Yamaha Sakura Fubuki           10R            2000
Heavy Pistols
Ares Predator                        4R              350
Ares Viper Slivergun                5R               500
Colt Manhunter                      4R              300
Remington Roomsweeper          6R              250
Ruger Super Warhawk              3R               250
Savalette Guardian                  10R             1500
Machine Pistols
Ceska Black Scorpion                8R               550
Steyr TMP                              8R               600
Submachine Guns
AK-97 Carbine                          4R               400
HK-227X                                 8R               800
HK MP5 TX                              4R               550
Ingram Smartgun II                   6R              650
Uzi III                                     4R              500
Assault Rifles
AK-97                                     4R              500
Ares Alpha                               12F             1700
FN HAR                                    8R              1000
Steyr-Aug CSL                          15F             6000
Sport Rifles
Ruger 100                                 4R              900
PJSS Elephant Rifle                    12R             6000
Sniper Rifles
Ranger Arms SM-3                     16F             6200
Walther Arms MA-2100               10F             5000
Mossberg AM-CMDT                   12R              1000
Remington 990                          4R               550
Auto-Assault 16                        18R              8000
Boyd&Richards Desperado           10R             1700+
Defiance T-250                         3R                475
Enfield AS-7                             12R              1100
Franchi SPAS-22                       10R              1250
PJSS Model 55 Shotgun               7R               1200
Street Sweeper                          5R               175

Light Machine Guns      Availability    Cost
Ingram White Knight       12F            2000
Medium Machine Guns
Stoner-Ares M202          12F            4500
Heavy Machine Guns
Ultimax HMG-2               15F            7500
Ruhrmetall SF20             15F            6500
RPK HMG                       16F            6000
Stoner-Ares M107           15F           7500
Assault Cannon
Panther Assault Cannon   20F            5500
Ares Thunder Gauss Rifle  24F            13000
Ares Vigorous AC            18F            4000
Grenade Launchers
Ares Antioch                   8F             600
ArmTech MGL-12            10F            2000
Missile Launchers
Aztechnology Striker        10F           1000
Mitsubishi Yakusku MRL    20F            12000


Use the Pistols skill when firing a hold-out pistol.


Raecor Sting: This weapon’s “lemonsqueezer” design (the gun’s barrel protrudes from between the firer’s fingers and it’s fired by making a fist) and its polyresin composition (undetectable by MAD scanners) makes for a very stealthy weapon. It fires flechette ammunition only.

Streetline Special: This small, lightweight weapon is made of composite materials (MADs suffer a –2 dice pool modifier to detect it). It is a common weapon among those on society’s bottom rung.


Light Pistols

Use the Pistols skill when firing a light pistol.


Colt America L36: An old-timer with a very good reputation, this sleek automatic pistol is easy to conceal and commonly available.

Fichetti Security 600: Designed as a light sidearm for security personnel, this pistol has a highly efficient feeding mechanism that allows it to hold an incredible 30 bullets. It comes fully equipped with a detachable folding stock and laser sight.

Hammerli 620S: Sleek and stylish, the Hammerli offers the range of a heavy pistol within a light pistol casing (use Heavy Pistol ranges). It also includes integral gas-vent and smartgun systems.

Yamaha Sakura Fubuki: The “Cherry-blossom Storm” is the flagship for Yamaha’s new line of electronic weapons that feature no moving parts. Rather than a standard magazine, the bullets are stacked in-line in each of the four barrels, allowing the firing of ultra-fast short bursts. The Fubuki may only fire narrow bursts (not wide), but burst recoil is handled like SA recoil (–1 Recoil on the second burst each Action Phase only). Includes an integral folding stock.


Heavy Pistols

Use the Pistols skill when firing a heavy pistol.


Ares Predator IV: The all-time favorite sidearm among mercenaries and security

services. Includes a smartgun system.

Ares Viper Slivergun: The Slivergun is a sleek weapon with burst fire capabilities

and built-in sound suppression. It fires metal slivers that count as flechette.

Colt Manhunter: Popular among lawenforcement, the Manhunter features a builtin

laser sight.

Remington Roomsweeper: This short-barreled “shotgun pistol” can be loaded with shot rounds rather than slugs, in which cases it uses heavy-pistol ranges but shotgun.

Ruger Super Warhawk: Feeling lucky, punk? This heavy revolver looks as scary as the holes it tears through things. It cannot be equipped with a silencer.


Machine Pistols

Use the Automatics skill when firing a machine pistol.


Ceska Black Scorpion: This classic machine pistol combines concealability with burst fire capabilities. It comes equipped with an integral folding stock.

Steyr TMP: This lightweight polymer-frame pistol is capable of full autofire, but its lack of recoil compensation makes it difficult to control.


Submachine Guns

Use the Automatics skill when firing a submachine gun.


AK-97 Carbine: The AK-97 has earned its fame in many campaigns around the globe. Its reliability is legendary—you can bury it for 10 years, dig it up and fire it immediately without a single problem. Includes a detachable folding stock.

HK 227X: The SMG of choice for many corporate and military security forces. The HK227X boasts a retractable stock, smartgun system, and integral sound suppressor.

HK MP-5 TX: Carrying on the classic MP-5 design, an aggressive marketing campaign and featured usage on the blockbuster Combat Mage: TNG sim have made it popular on the streets. The TX includes a gas-vent 2 system, laser sight, and a detachable folding stock.

Ingram Smartgun X: This smartgun upgrade features gas-vent 2, a smartgun system, a sound suppresser,

and a detachable folding stock.

Uzi IV: A worthy descendent of the famous Israeli weapon, this SMG features an integral folding stock and laser sight.


Assault Rifles

Use the Automatics skill when firing assault rifles.


AK-97: The common version of this premier assault rifle, ideal for anyone with a small budget.

Ares Alpha:Designed for Ares Firewatch special forces, the Alpha includes an underbarrel grenade

launcher, a smartgun system, and a special chamber design that provides 2 points of recoil compensation.

FN HAR: This assault rifle is increasingly popular with corporate response teams and private security forces specializing in high-threat areas. It comes with a laser sight and a Rating 2 gas-vent recoil compensation system.

HK XM30: This award-winning modular “weapons platform” can turn a single soldier into a one-man army. The baseline assault rifle features lightweight composite construction, a smartgun system, rigid stock with shock pad, and an underbarrel grenade launcher with grenade link. The weapon may be reassembled with optional modules—taking an Automatics + Agility (5, 1 minute) Extended Test to swap them in—into either an underbarrel shotgun, compact carbine, sniper rifle (with imaging scope), or LMG (with bipod) configuration.


Sport Rifles

Use the Longarms skill when firing sport rifles.


Ruger 100: This sport rifle is the favorite weapon for many professional hunters. It features a built-in imaging scope and a rigid stock with shock pad.

PJSS Elephant Rifle: If you want to shoot something big from a safe distance, this huge double-barreled rifle is your weapon of choice. Its two barrels can be shot at once with +1 DV and a –1 Recoil modifier. Includes a rigid stock with shock pad.


Sniper Rifles

Use the Longarms skill when firing sniper rifles.


Ranger Arms SM-4: This rifle features a silencer, imaging scope, and a rigid stock with shock pad. The SM-4 disassembles completely in order to fit into a standard briefcase; assembling or disassembling it takes 3 Complex Actions. Its barrel is highly sensitive: if bumped after being assembled(which tends to happen when it’s being used in standard combat situations outside its intended sniper role), a –1 dice pool modifier is applied to all of its attack rolls.

Walther MA-2100: The chosen sniper rifle of the Confederated American States Army, the MA-2100 is designed to military specifications. It is free of the design instabilities common to other sniper rifles—however, the downside to this model is that it cannot be disassembled to fit into a briefcase. It comes with an internal smartgun system and a rigid stock with shock pad.

Ares Desert Strike: This sniper rifle is intended for longrange shooting in harsh environments, built without materials or technologies prone to failure. It includes an extended barrel to increase its range. It also comes equipped with a rigid stock with shock pad and a detachable imaging scope.

Barret Model 121: Rifle Barret 121 is a heavy sniper rifle that is primarily used against heavily armored opponents, as well as to destroy valuable (and well protected) equipment and light armored vehicles. It comes equipped with an integral barrel mounted silencer, a smartgun system, and a folding bipod.

HK PSG Enforcer: The Enforcer sniper rifle is a high-precision rifle designed for law enforcement agencies. The weapon’s most distinguishing feature is the dual-clip system that allows the shooter to switch between the weapon’s two ammo clips. The Enforcer comes equipped with a folding bipod and an imaging scope. The weapon can only fire one clip at a time; it takes a Simple Action to manually select the other clip (or a Free Action if the Enforcer is smartlinked).



Use the Longarms skill when firing shotguns.


Mossberg AM-CMDT: This heavy automatic shotgun can fill a whole room with whirling pellets of shot in an instant, which makes it a terrifying weapon in house-to-house combat. It fires flechette ammuniton

only (already included in the weapon stats).

Remington 990: The Remington includes an imaging scope and a rigid stock with shock pad. It can fire regular slug or flechette ammunition.

Auto-Assault 16: The AA16 is the latest model of the deadly fully-automatic shotgun, ideal for chewing up landscape with lethal suppressive _ re. It includes an integral gas vent 2 system for 2 points of recoil compensation. When using flechette rounds for suppressive fire, the AA16 only uses 10 rounds, instead of the standard 20.

Boyd & Richards Desperado: The Desperado is a short barreled repeating shotgun whose design is reminiscent of the time when the American West was still wild and untamed. The weapon is built only in limited numbers each year and can be ordered with a wide range of unique design features if the customer has the nuyen to pay for them (including mother-of-pearl inlays, precious metal coatings, and exotic woods or gravures by renowned artists). The Desperado uses heavy pistol ranges when firing slug rounds and taser ranges for flechette. While it can mount top- and under-barrel accessories, they are rarely seen because they would ruin the Wild West appearance of the weapon.

Defiance T-250: This self-loading shotgun is available either in a normal-length or a short-barreled version. _ e short-barreled version has a Concealability modifier of +2, a Damage code of 5P and uses heavy pistol ranges (taser ranges when firing flechette ammunition).

Enfield AS-7: This assault shotgun provides its user with massive firepower. It can either be loaded with 10-round ammo clips or a special 24-round ammo drum. To switch between these two feeding mechanisms requires minor manual  adjustments that can be done in one full Combat Turn. The Enfield AS-7 comes with an integrated, top-mounted laser sight.

Franchi SPAS-22: Due to its folding stock with shock pad and its internal smartgun system, this assault shotgun is popular with many military and police forces operating in urban combat zones.

PJSS Model 55 Shotgun: The German “Produktionsgemeinschaft Jagdlund Sportwaffen Suhl” (Manufacturing conglomerate for hunting and sports weapons, Suhl) holds high the concept of “weapons of classic styles for a classic sport.” The model 55 shotgun is only produced in small numbers and is renowned among European hunters as a high precision and quality weapon for a wealthier clientele. The weapon’s rigid stock comes equipped with an integrated shock pad. Both barrels can be shot at once with a +1 DV and a –1 Recoil modifier.


Special Weapons

Use the Exotic Ranged Weapon skill when firing these weapons.


Ares S-III Super Squirt: This popular non-lethal weapon fires dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO, a carrier that forces the skin to absorb chemicals) gel packs that can deliver a chemical substance over light pistol ranges. The attack itself causes no damage, but when the target is hit successfully, the DMSO delivers the substance directly into the target’s bloodstream.

Fichetti Pain Inducer: This non-lethal weapon uses a microwave laser that excites the molecules of the target’s skin, inflicting intense pain (the target feels as if she were on fire). Treat this like a toxin attack with a Power of 8. The target resists with Body + half armor (round up). If the modified Power exceeds

the target’s Willpower, the target must spend her next Action Phase doing whatever it takes to get away from the pain (usually this means running away). The attacker can continue to hold her beam on a target with a Complex Action unless the gamemaster deems the target has dodged away or found cover. If the

target cannot flee, she is incapacitated with pain and suffers a dice pool modifier equal to the modified Power on all tests foras long as the beam is trained on her. The Pain Inducer has 10 charges; when attached to a power point, it reloads one charge per 10 seconds.

Machine Guns and Assault Cannons

Use the Heavy Weapons skill when firing these weapons. They suffer from double Recoil modifiers.


Ingram White Knight: When you’re looking for a good bang for your buck, the White Knight is your kind of gun. It’s equipped with a detachable folding stock, and an integral gas-vent system that provides 5 points of recoil compensation and cannot be further upgraded.

Stoner-Ares M202: This MMG packs a tremendous punch into a relatively light framework made of extra-durable compounds. Due to its comparitively smaller size, it’s a very popular secondary weapon for military vehicles, but can also be equipped with various accessories to make it into a personal  weapon.

Stoner-Ares M107The M107 heavy machine gun is the standard heavy support weapon of the UCAS Armed Forces. It includes a built-in top-mounted laser sight and a barrel-mounted gas-vent 3 system for better accuracy and reduced recoil. The weapon also comes with a detachable under-barrel-mounted tripod, providing the weapon with excellent full autofire capabilities.

Ultimax-HMG-2: Equipped with a detachable tripod, a rigid stock with shock pad, and a gas-vent 3 system, the Ultimax is usually fired from a prone, sitting, or kneeling position, though some trolls might be strong enough to fire it while standing.

Panther XXL: This enormous assault cannon fires special ammunition common to that used as the primary weapon in small tanks. It comes with a smartgun system and rigid stock with shock pad, though these are hardly enough to compensate for its tremendous recoil. Fortunately, the weapon’s firing rate is quite low.

Ares Thunderstruck Gauss Rifle: The Thunderstruck rifle is the first man-portable gauss weapon and Ares’s newest contribution to the assault cannon market. The weapon’s measurements and weight are comparable to that of assault cannons, and while its damage potential is slightly below that of an assault cannon round, the Thunderstruck’s rate of fire is higher. The Thunderstruck consumes both ammunition and energy to power its magnetic accelerators for each round fired. It uses the same peak-discharge battery packs as Ares’s laser weapons and consumes 1 power point per shot. The Thunderstruck can hold one power clip (which provides enough energy to shoot the 10 rounds each ammo clip holds) or draw its energy from external satchel power packs or power backpacks. The weapon is fired from the hip and features a shoulder strap and a hip pad bracing system for better balance and recoil compensation, as well as a built-in laser sight.

Ares Vigorous Assault Cannon: The Ares Vigorous is an assault cannon whose advantages are also its drawbacks. Ares has perfected the assault cannon’s design within the past 20 years, and thus the weapon is often praised for its durability (partly due to its lack of accessories). However, since the enormous recoil the assault rounds produce is usually compensated by at least some recoil reduction systems, many users complain about the massive recoil. Ares’s usual answer to these complaints is that there is no need for including the accessories with the basic model, since a wide range of them is available to the licensed customer when the weapon is bought.


Grenade and Missile Launchers

Use the Heavy Weapons skill when firing grenade and missile launchers.


Ares Antioch-2: The Antioch-2 features a classic grenade launcher design, combined with a smartgun system.

ArmTech MGL-12: This bullpup-configuration model is popular, since it fires in semi-auto mode and carries more minigrenades than its competitors.

Mitsubishi Yakusoku MRL: The internal loading mechanism of the Yakosoku Multi Rocket Launcher allows it to insert up to 4 different types of missiles (2 each) and choose freely (via the integrated smartgun connection) which of them to fire with each shooting action. Its two firing tubes also allow for a quicker rate of fire.

Aztechnology Striker: The Striker is an extremely light disposable launcher—perfect for shadowrunners who want to deliver a punch and make a quick, unencumbered getaway.

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