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Shadows over Baltimore

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Cybernetic Systems

Headware                     Essence  Cap  Availability  Cost
Commlink                        .2         2         -          2000+ Comm
Control Rig                     .5          -         8          10000
Datajack                        .1         1         -           500
Data Lock                      .1         1         12         1000 +Encrypt
Olfactory Booster (6)       .2         2       Rat x4      Rat x1000
Sim Module                    .2         2          -          2000
-Hot-Sim Modified           .2         2         12F        5000
Taste booster (6)           .2         -        Rat x4     Rat x1500
Tooth Compartment        
-Storage                        -         -           8          200
-Breakable                      -         -          12         500
Ultrasound Sensor           .3        2          10          6000
Voice Modulator             .2         -           4          7500
-Secondary Pattern (6)    -         -       Rat x3F      Rat x5000
Cybereyes Basic System
-Rating 1                      .2       (4)          -            500
-Rating 2                      .3       (8)          4            750         
-Rating 3                      .4       (12)        6            1000
-Rating 4                      .5       (16)        8            1500
Eye Recording Unit         .1         *          4            2000
Flare Compensation        .1         1          4            750
Image Link                    .1         *         4             500
Low-Light Vision            .1         2          4             1000
Protective Covers           -         -           4            100
Retinal Duplication (6)    .1         1          16F        Rat x15000
Smartlink                     .1         3          8R            1000
Thermographic Vision     .1         2           4             1000
Vision Enhancement (3)  .1       Rating   Rat x3       Rat x1500     
Vision Magnification       .1         2           4            1000
Cyberears Basic System
-Rating 1                     .2        (4)        -              500
-Rating 2                     .3        (8)        4              750
-Rating 3                     .4       (12)       6              1000
-Rating 4                     .5       (16)       8              1500
Audio Enhancement (3)  .1       Rating   Rat x3       Rat x1500
Balance Augmentor        .1         4        10             5000
Damper                       .1         1          4              750
Ear Recording Unit         .1         *         4              500
Select Sound Filter (6)   .1       Rating   Rat x3       Rat x1000
Sound Link                   .1         *         -              250
Spatial Recognizer         .1         2         8              750

Bodyware                    Essence   Cap  Availability    Cost
Bone Lacing          
-Plastic                           .5         -        8F           5000
-Aluminum                        1         -        12F          15000
-Titanium                         1.5       -       16F           40000
Cosmetic Modification          -        -        2-12         200-10000
Dermal Plating (3)            Rat x.5   -       Rat x5R      Rat x5000
Fingertip Compartment        .1        1         4            750
Grapple Gun                      .5        5         8            1500
Internal Air Tank               .25       3         4             650
Muscle Replacement (4)    Rat x1    -       Rat x5R       Rat x5000
Reaction Enhancers (3)    Rat x .3   -       Rat x5R       Rat x10000
Simrig                              .5        -          8            5000
Skillwires (5)                   Rat x.2   -       Rat x4        Rat x2000
Smuggling Compartment      .2        2          6           1500
Touch Link                        .1       -           6           1000
Wired Reflexes
-Rating 1                          2        -           8R         11000
-Rating 2                          3        -          12R         32000
-Rating 3                          5        -          20R         100000


Cybernetic modification is commonplace in 2050. Bodyshops offering minor procedures can be found in every strip mall, and recent advances in cybernetics have brought down the price of once-costly procedures, making cyberware even more readily available to the masses. Even the lower classes might have cybernetic vision, hearing enhancements, or a datajack. Most cyberware devices are equipped with a direct neural interface (DNI) that allows the user to mentally activate and control their functions and some have wireless capability.

They can also be linked to other cyberware implants.



These small complex devices are inserted into the head (typically constructed via less-invasive nanosurgery). Items that have a Capacity rating may be installed in cyberlimbs instead, costing capacity rather than Essence.


Commlink: An implanted version of the commlink, popular with hackers and salarymen on the go.

Control Rig: This implant harnesses the raw data-coordinating and synchronization power of the middle brain for the express purpose of directly manipulating rigged vehicles/drones. The control rig provides a +2 dice pool bonus

on all Vehicle skill tests while the rigger is “jumped into” a vehicle/drone via full virtual reality. This bonus does not apply to other drone manipulation through the Matrix.

Cranial Bombs: An illegal method of coercion, cranial bombs are the ultimate headache.

Kink bombs are designed to damage only part of the victim’s head, either rendering specific headware (or other cyberware) useless or damaging the brain to cause blindness, stuttering, hearing loss, etc.

Microbombs are just powerful enough to kill the bearer.

Area bombs do the same, but also affect a blast area like

either a fragmentation or high-explosive grenade.

 The bombs can be remote- or time-detonated, or even set to discharge by sound recognition. If installed in cyberlimbs, these bombs are designed to destroy specific components (kink), the entire limb (micro), or blast the area (area).

Datajack: A datajack allows a user to directly interface with any electronic device via a fiberoptic cable. Datajacks also allow users to slot and mentally access chips, softs, and BTLs. Datajacks equipped with their own memory storage for downloading or saving files. Two datajack users can string a fiberoptic cable between themselves to conduct a private mental communication immune to radio interception/eavesdropping.

Data Lock: This specialized version of the datajack is used by couriers, spies, and aides to top officials and executives, allowing them to act as walking data safes. Stored data is encrypted, and a special code is required to transfer data in or out through the data lock. Most importantly, the data lock is not wireless-enabled, nor does the implanted character have mental access to the data—she’s merely a carrier.

Olfactory Booster: Known on the street as a “sniffer,” “cybernose,” or “cybersnout,” the olfactory booster enhances, identifies, and records smells (and can play them back later). This opens a completely new world of sensual

information for the user, because smell carries much more information than a normal metahuman nose would ever be able to pick up—for example, many diseases can be identified by smell, and a metahuman body unconsciously

produces odors corresponding to emotions (joy, fear, anger, etc.). Further, the olfactory booster can continuously analyze the composition of air and set off an alarm if it picks up traces of explosives, ammunition propellant, or various substances used in biological and chemical warfare. A cut-off function allows the user to completely ignore intense odors. The olfactory booster is usually linked to the user’s PAN to create an even more thorough AR experience. Apply the olfactory booster’s rating as a dice pool bonus for any Perception Tests involving smells.

Sim Module: An implanted version of the external sim module, popular with sim lovers and BTL users.

Taste Booster: The taste booster performs the same function as the olfactory booster (see above), except that it enhances the user’s tastebuds. The taste booster also allows the user to experience taste sensations in AR situations that are programmed for taste. Apply the taste booster’s rating as a dice pool bonus to any Perception Test involving tastes.

Tooth Compartment: These hollow teeth come in storage and breakable models. The storage model is used to smuggle contraband and can micro-size items (gamemaster’s discretion).

The breakable model triggers a linked effect (such as starting a tracking signal or releasing poison) when the user bites hard on the tooth.

Ultrasound Sensor: This is an implanted version of the ultrasound sensor.

Voice Modulator: This implant enhances the subject’s vocal organs. She can speak with an increased volume of up to 100 decibels without exhaustion, or shift her pitch to create perfect bird calls, mellifluous singing, and uncanny vocal impressions. The modulator can also play back a recorded.



Cybereyes are likely the most common cyberware in the Sixth World. Once designed to help the blind, the cybereyes of today allow for even better vision than the original equipment—it’s not uncommon for anyone who can afford it to exchange perfectly functioning natural eyes with cybernetic replacements.

Cybereyes can be purchased in any shape or color the user desires from perfectly natural seeming to the most outrageous of ocular designs. Color and patterns are easily altered by downloading a new skin. For those who don’t want to go for the full switch, many cybereye features are offered as non-replacement retinal modifications to the natural eyes.

Eyeware subsystems either take up Capacity in a cybereye or Essence in a natural eye (not both). For both replacements and retinal mods, upgrades usually involve both eyes so the user’s vision is not unbalanced.


Cybereyes: This system offers 20/20 vision for both eyes and includes an image link and an eye recording unit (for no extra cost), as well as capacity for various enhancement systems.

Eye Recording Unit: The eye recording unit connects to the user’s optical nerves and records all data directly into attached storage (accessible by the user’s PAN). To prevent data theft, the user can opt to make this storage only accessible by special means (sim module, datajack, etc.).

Flare Compensation: An implanted version of the flare compensation enhancement.

Image Link: An implanted version of the image link enhancement.

Low-Light Vision: This accessory allows the user to see normally in light levels as low as starlight. Total darkness still renders the user as blind as an unmodified person.

Protective Covers: These can protect both cyber and normal eyes, and confer both Ballistic and Impact armor bonuses of +2 to the eye area. Available in transparent or one-way reflective versions.

Retinal Duplication: Can be loaded with a recording of someone else’s retina to create an almost perfect reproduction. Make an Opposed Test between the retinal duplication rating and the retinal scanner rating.

Smartlink: An implanted version of the smartlink enhancement.

Thermographic Vision: An implanted version of the thermographic vision enhancement.

Vision Enhancement: An implanted version of vision enhancement.

Vision Magnification: An implanted version of the vision mag enhancement.



Like eyeware, earware can be installed within a complete cyberear replacement (costing Capacity) or as an inner ear modification (costing Essence). Upgrades usually involve both ears, so the user’s hearing is not unbalanced.


Cyberears: These implants usually just replace the inner ear (though sometimes the auricle as well, if the user desires), and offer perfect hearing within normal ranges. They include a sound link and an ear recording unit (at no extra cost), as well as capacity for various enhancement systems.

Audio Enhancement: An implanted version of audio enhancement.

Balance Augmenter: The balance augmenter enhances the inner ear’s natural balance mechanism. The user receives one bonus die on all tests involving balance, such as climbing, walking across a narrow platform, landing after a jump, and so on.

Damper: This implant protects the user from sudden increases in sound as well as damaging sound levels. The damper adds a +2 dice pool modifier to resisting sonic attacks.

Ear Recording Unit: The ear recording unit connects to the user’s auditory nerves and records all data directly into unlimited data storage that can be accessed by the user’s PAN. To prevent data theft, the user can also opt to make this storage only accessible by special means (datajack, etc.).

Select Sound Filter: An implanted version of the select sound filter audio enhancement.

Sound Link: The sound link plays audio (recordings, movie soundtracks, music, etc. ) from linked sources (PAN, datajack, etc.) directly into the user’s (cyber)ears. Commonly used for AR sound.

Spatial Recognizer: An implanted version of the spatial recognizer enhancement.



Bodyware that does not have a Capacity rating must be installed directly into the user’s body; it cannot be installed into cyberlimbs. Bodyware with a Capacity rating may be installed in cyberlimbs, costing capacity rather than Essence.


Bone Lacing: The cellular structure of the user’s bones is augmented with lattice chains of reinforcing plastics and metals to improve the bones’ integrity and tensile strength, but the augmentation also adds extra weight.

Plastic bone lacing confers a bonus of +1 to the Body attribute for damage resistance tests.

Aluminum bone lacing confers a +2 Body bonus for damage resistance tests and a +1 Impact armor bonus (cumulative with worn armor).

Titanium bone lacing confers bonuses of +3 to Body for damage resistance tests and +1 to both Ballistic and Impact armor. Characters with bone lacing also inflict Physical damage with their unarmed blows.

Cosmetic Modification: Outpatient treatments that take about 2 hours can be obtained to alter the user’s appearance—shape, coloration, and pigmentation of the face and body along with addition or removal of hair (fiberoptic hair with changing color patterns is still very popular). Exotic modifications like scaly skin, colorful fur, cat ears, ork tusks, or tails are more difficult to come by.

Dermal Plating: Dermal plating consists of hard plastic and metal fiber plates bonded to the user’s skin. The plates areclearly visible and can be stylized for surface texture and color.

Dermal plating confers a bonus to both Ballistic and Impact armor equal to its rating. Dermal plating cannot be combined with orthoskin.

Fingertip Compartment: Allows the storage of micro-sized items (gamemaster’s discretion regarding what can be fit into the compartment) in the tip segment of a finger. Inserting or retrieving an object takes one Complex Action. Items held within are completely concealed. Spotting a fingertip compartment requires a Perception +Intuition (4) Test. The fingertip compartment is a very popular storage device for a monofilament whip, with the fingertip acting as control weight. Extending a monofilament whip from a fingertip compartment takes one Simple Action, while retracting it requires one Complex Action.

Grapple Gun: This is an implanted version of the grapple gun.

Internal Air Tank: The internal air tank replaces part of one lung with a pressurized internal air reserve that allows

the user to hold her breath for up to 2 hours. This allows extended underwater operations as well as protection from inhalation-vector toxins–assuming the user holds her breath). Refilling the air tank (through an intake valve

located under the ribcage) takes 5 minutes.

Muscle Replacement: Implanted, vat-grown synthetic muscles replace the user’s own. Calcium treatments and skeletal reinforcement allow an overall increase in the user’s strength. Muscle replacement increases both the Strength and Agility attributes by its rating.

Reaction Enhancers: By replacing part of the spinal column with superconducting material, a character’s reaction time can be increased. Add the rating of reaction enhancers to a character’s Reaction attribute (this will also affect Initiative). Reaction enhancers are compatible with other Initiative-boosters.

Simrig: This is an implanted version of the external sim module.

Skillwires: Skillwires are a system of neuromuscular controllers placed alongside the body’s natural nervous system to override muscular movement. Skillwire systems allow the use of activesofts with a rating up to the skillwire rating. A skillwire system can handle a number of skillsofts with a total rating equal to its own rating x 2. Changing the current selection of skillsofts takes one Simple Action.

Smuggling Compartment: Smuggling compartments may only be placed in parts of the body that can be easily hollowed out/replaced. These compartments allow the storage of micro-sized items (the gamemaster has final determination on what a compartment can hold). Spotting a smuggling compartment requires a Perception + Intuition (4) Test. Inserting or retrieving an object takes a Complex Action.

Touch Link: The touch link is a small unit attached at the base of the spine that allows for the processing of tactile information (texture, temperature, etc.) directly to the user’s neural system. This information is usually received via the user’s PAN, but it can also be input from other sources.

Wired Reflexes: This highly invasive operation implants a multitude of neural boosters and adrenalin stimulators in strategic locations all over the body, catapulting the patient into a whole new world where everything around her seems to move in slow motion. The system includes a trigger to turn the wired reflexes on and off (taking a Free Action). When activated, wired reflexes confer a bonus of  +1 to Reaction and +1 Initiative Pass per point of rating. Wired reflexes cannot be combined with any other form of Initiative enhancement.

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