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Shadows over Baltimore

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Baltimore Yakuza

The Yakuza have never made a real attempt at getting into Baltimore City, mostly due to the fact that the Mafia is so entrenched within the city, controlling politicians, city service contracts, the police and perhaps most importantly the docks. The Yakuza were satisfied with their influence in DeeCee and NYC that they were willing to concentrate their efforts in the PacRim.

In the early 2040s the Yakuza in Seattle, purged from its' ranks the Korean members in a most violent and obvious way. Many of the survivors fled East and with no Yakuza presence in the city, Baltimore was prime territory from which they could reorganize, and ultimately gain revenge against the Yakuza.

In 2049 Hanzo Shotozumi, Oyabun for the Shotozumi Gumi in Seattle had recieved the rights of ownership for a Luxury Hotel in Baltimore, MD, all the way on the East Coast, for an undisclosed service he had performed for some Corporation. He sent his brother Ryu Shotozumi to Baltimore to open this hotel and to make it profitable. Ryu has added a Casino to the property and stands to make a fortune if the City's Petition against the Casino to the UCC is rejected. The city has legalized slots but those licenses are firmly in the hands of the Koreans and Mafia.

Another power has entered Baltimore as well. Safely operating from his Columbia home/fortress Oyabun Takashi Kuwasara has eyes on Baltimore as well, having been slowly allocating resources into the Sprawl the past 5 years. It is partly due to his operations that have usurped or competed with the Koreans lately, causing them to lose focus as they fight their war with the Brotherhood, Mafia and Yakuza. His reaction to Shotozumis opening of a casino in "his" city has caused some disturbances amongst the Rengos. (Big Bosses)

Baltimore City Yakuza
Kuwasara Gumi
Oyabun Takashi Kuwasara
Wakagashira John Takamura
Markets: Sports Betting, Prostitution, BTL, Drugs, Extortion, Blackmail
Influence: Towson, Columbia (FDC)
Shotozumi Gumi (Watada Rengo)
Oyabun Ryu Shotozumi
Wakagashira Hirochimaru
Markets: Gambling, Prostitution, Drugs
Influence: Downtown

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