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Shadows over Baltimore

Eastern Baltimore

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East Baltimore 

East Baltimore at a Glance
Neighborhoods and Security
AAA: Canton
AA: Patterson Park (Elven District), Latrobe Homes
A: Fell's Point, Johnston's Square, Brewer's Hill
B: Highlandtown, Little Italy, Dundalk, Butcher's Hill
C: Hamilton, Greek Town
D: Edison, Barclay, Clifton Park, Holabird Industrial, Pulaski Industrial
Z: Dunbar, O'Donnel Heights

Places of Interest
BCPD Eastern District
Police Provider
Knight Errant Bayview Branch
Hopkins Security Provider
Eastern Ave (Bayview)
Medical University and Hospital
Eastern Ave (Bayview)
Medical University and Research Laboratory
Baltimore St (Broadway)
United Oil
Oil Storage and Port
Dundalk Marine Terminal
Industrial Chemicals
Dundalk Maine Terminal
St Michael's
Catholic Church
Eastern Ave (Patterson)
Slight bias against non elves and non Catholics
Key Highway (Canton)
Places to Be
The Edge
Thames St (Fell's Point)
Strong bias against non elves
The Blarney Stone
Broadway (Fell's Point)
Strong bias against elves
Della Tore
Eastern Ave (Little Italy)
Slight bias against metahumans
Eastern Ave (Greek Town)
Patterson Perk
Coffee House
Eastern Ave (Patterson)
The Guiding Hand
Talismonger Shop
Patterson Parkway (Patterson)
Canton Can Company
Entertainment District
Boston St (Canton)
Shirley's Show Bar
Strip Club
Clinton St (Highlandtown)

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