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Shadows over Baltimore

Tools of the System
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IDs, Credsticks, Lifestyle and Health Care

ID/Credsticks              Availabilty            Cost
Certified Credstick            -                    25
Fake License(6)           Rating x3F            Rat x100
Fake SIN(6)                Rating x4F            Rat x1000
Certified Credstick     Maximum Funds   ID Required
Standard                    5000                   Passcode
Silver                         20000                 Fingerprint
Gold                          100000                Voiceprint
Platinum                     500000                Fingerprint
Ebony                        1000000              Cellular Scan
DocWagon Contract       Cost/Yr
Basic                            5000
Gold                             25000
Platinum                       50000
Super-Platinum              100000
Lifestyle                        Cost/Mo
Street                         Free
Squatter                      500
Low                            2000
Middle                         5000
High                           10000
Luxury                        100000   
A Lifestyle can be purchased Permanently for a one time cost of 100 months.   
Lifestyle Services          Min Lifestyle
Power, legal                    Low
Power, Illegal                  Squatter
Trid Service, Subscribed   Low
Trid Service, Pirate          Squatter
Trid Service, Illegal          Squatter
Mass Transit
Bus Pass                        Low
Light Rail Pass                 Low
Marc Pass                      Moderate
Mag-Lev Pass                 High
Train Pass                      High
Airbus Pass                     Luxury
Available Licenses
Variable License Types
Firearms A, (Handgun)
Firearms B, (Rifle, Shotgun)
Firearms C, (Handgun, Shotgun, SMG)
Firearms D, (Special)
Demolition, Commercial (Explosives, Thermite Bars)
Explosives, Security (Grenades, Thermite Bars)
Class I Controlled (Restricted Avaiilability)
Class II Controlled (Forbidden Availability)
Normal License Types
Body Armor (Full Body, Shields)
Operator License, Pilot
-Civilian Fixed Wing (Small Aircraft)
-Commercial Fixed Wing (Transport/Commuter)
-Watercraft (Personal Watercraft)
-Captain (Commercial Watercraft)
License, Driver

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