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Shadows over Baltimore

Costs of Living in the Sprawl

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Costs of Living

Service                                     Cost
Dataterm                                    .5/min
Vending Machine Clothes                5
Private Room at restaurant or club   100/hr
Private room with privacy features   300/hr
Safehouse                                   500/day
Prostitute services                        20-100
Meat puppet parlor                        75/hr
Escort service                              100/hr
Bodyguard service                         200/day
Medical insurance                         200/wk
Housing (24 Hours)
Coffin hotel                                 30
Hostel                                        30
Motel room                                 100
Hotel room                                  200
Suite                                         500
Luxury Suite                               1000
Food (per person)
Vending machine meal                   2
Fast food meal                             5-10
Breakfast or Lunch                       10-15
Dinner                                        20-25
Dinner at fancy restaurant            100-200
Nightclub admission                      15-50
Live performance                         10-200
Standard drinks                           5
Premium drinks                            10-25
Ticket to major sports event         20-50
Season tickets                            2000
Trid movie or simflick                    15
Sim/gaming parlor                        30
Public Transport
-Light rail                                   3
-Bus                                          1
-MARC Train                               5
Public Transport 1-month pass       60
Taxi                                          1/km
Z-zone taxi                                10/km
Commuter air                              10/km
Air Travel
Suborbita/semiballistic flight           5/km
local flight                                  1/km
Rail Fare                                     20
Bus Fare                                     15
Body Fashion
Tattoo                                       50-1000
Whole-body dye                          275
Piercing                                      20-250
Branding                                    150-500

Baltimore Bus Terminal

Light Rail Stop

MARC Train Stop