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Shadows over Baltimore

Seoulpa Gangs
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Baltimore Seoulpa Gangs

The Seoulpa Gangs were formed after The Schism, a night when their Japanes brothers in the Yakuza began killing and executing the Korean moembers and their families. Many of the ones lucky to escape the purgings made their way to Baltimore, the Yakuza having avoided the city because of the Mafias near total control of its ports.
For 4 years the Koreans re-established themselves in ethnic neighborhoods that the Mafi, in all of its complacency with being the only big fish, mainly ignored. By the time the big fish noticed it was too late. They operated quickly and without much bloodshed so tracking them down was nearly impossible. Even with the BCPD on its payroll the Mafia could not stop the Seoulpa Gangs. It wasn't until the Brotherhood started to make an appearance and Yakuza from the FDC poking around the Seoulpa Gangs would have much more power than they do now.
For now they have laid low, content on maintaining what they have for now and keeping poachers from their territories. How long this is the status quo is however remains to be seen.

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