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Shadows over Baltimore

Vory v Zakone
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Baltimore Vory 

The Vory are an entirely different breed of criminals. There is no Russian mob per se, just a loosely federated number of organizatsy, syndicates of varying sizes. Calling themselves "thieves of the code", the Vory v Zakone were born from the thieves' networks in the old Russian Gulags, organized for survival in the brutal and gelid banishment. Staking their turk in down-to-earth violent crime, they were later joined by the high-rolling Avtoritey during the shift to capitalism.
Each organizatsya is highly individual and centers around a power figure, or at most a small oligarchy. At the top sits the boss, a Vor or Avtoritet. His trusted advisor, the sovetnik, is similar to the Mafioso's consigilieri. The level below this are the lideri, literally "little leaders", who control the grappa obespechine, or supply group, as well as managing operations on a day to day level. Low level thugs and enforcers are called shestiorka. Kinship and blood bonds are important, but by and large the Vors govern through fear and violence; trust and friendship are hard earned. Punishment for failure is harsh, and the entire combination makes for very efficient and centralized syndicates.
The Lobatchevski Syndicate is the oldest, biggest and meanest outfit around. It is entrenched in Scandinavia, Northern UK and across the UCAS. This organization has managed to maintain ties with Kiev and Moscow which does not make him look good in his compatriots eyes, though no one has the guts to step up, yet.
Organized like a Corporation, with local cells, communication centers, a solid hierarchy and shrewd managers at the top, this organizati is frighteningly efficient despite its' small roster. It has a diverse spread of interests, from street corner protection, rackets to corporate infiltration, technology theft and fraud, excelling in transcontinental trafficking.
Its' Baltimore Orgianizatsya is based in Highlandtown, very close to various mafia and ethnic gangs, including the elves in Patterson. However they do not control nor compete for any normal market like their neighbors, instead they concentrate solely on information.
The Lobatchevski Syndicate
Avtoritet Luka Jankevitch
Baltimore Lideri Nikolai Valentin
Territory: Highlandtown
Market: Information, Data Theft, Matrix Crimes

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