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Shadows over Baltimore

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Headquarters:Osaka, Japan
President/CEO:Tadashi Shiawase
Baltimore Division:
Division Head:
Seattle Division:Tacoma, Seattle UCAS
Division Head:Shigeru Aoyama

Shiawase Corporation
The world's first megacorp, Shiawase is based in Osaka, Japan. The two Shiawase Decisions, in 2000 and 2001, changed our world. The first allowed Shiawase to run a private nuclear facility, and the second granted them extraterritorial status, which all corps of at least AA status have now. Shiawase paved the way for the current corporate domination of the world. Wonderful.

Shiawase is a family-owned corp, with approximately 80 percent of the stock controlled by the Shiawase dynasty. The chairman of the Board is Sadato Shiawase, a charismatic but traditional leader whose prejudice against metahumans is echoed throughout the corp His older sister Soko controls the other major power bloc in Shiawase, and she is constantly butting heads with Sadato. The weirdest member of the Board is Ryoi Shiawase, Sadato and Soko's brother; he's dead. That's right, dead. A medium who supposedly communicates with his ghost votes for him.

Shiawase leads the megacorp pack in the biotechnology and service industries, and only S-K beats it out in the heavy-industry field. The megacorp also owns more of the world than any other corporations except S-K and Aztechnology. One reason for these successes is the Market Information & Forecasting Department (MIFD). The MIFD gives Shiawase incredible information-gathering and analysis capabilities, which is invaluable in the corporate world.

Shiawase likes to put on a good face for the public, so most physical security is subtle. The corp relies heavily on technology to assess threats, sending out the guards only when a threat is detected. If you have enough skill to spoof the detectors, you can avoid the guards until you get pretty deep into a facility. Be prepared for security riggers, though. Shiawase has decent magical security, too. In all cases, the focus is on minimum lethality and taking prisoners for interrogation.

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