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Shadows over Baltimore

Cross Applied Techology

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Cross Applied Technology


Headquarters:Montreal, Republic of Quebec
President/CEO:Lucien Cross
Baltimore Division:Downtown Baltimore, MD UCAS
Division Head:Louis Marcel

Cross Applied Technologies (CATCo)
CATCo is the darling of the Republic of Québec, even more so than Ares is in the UCAS. Lucien Cross, who founded the corp and still runs it, very nearly runs Québec, though not to the extent of Aztechnology with Aztlan. The CATCo Board is a pretty insular bunch.

In the shadows, CATCo is most famous for its Seraphim, a crack spy network with an incredible array of skills. Wetwork, body guarding, internal security, surveillance, information analysis—you name it; they do it and do it damn well. The Seraphim are also the reason CATCo generally employs only runners for quick, violent work; the Seraphim take care of important jobs. If CATCo is hiring, be wary: Whatever it is is probably too dangerous to risk Seraphim. Dealing with dragons is dangerous for biz and dealing Cross is dangerous for your health

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