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Shadows over Baltimore

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Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
President/CEO: Saru Iwana
Seattle Division: Yametetsu Seattle
Division Head: Mary Luce

Yamatetsu Corporation
Yamatetsu is an old corp with a new style. Originally formed as a corporation strong enough to resist the Japanacorps, it eventually became the enemy. This started to change when a mysterious Japanese girl named Ms. Buttercup acquired quite a bit of stock and took her place on the Board. In 2050, she revealed that she was an anima, or free spirit, and she began using her influence to make Yamatetsu more metahuman friendly.

Shadowruns sponsored by Yamatetsu have to be sanctioned by the corps upper management. Plenty of Yamatetsu Johnsons will hire you for their own personal jobs and make it appear the corp has ordered the run, but if they get caught they are in trouble, and so are you. Yamatetsu really hates that kind of behavior, so expect to have their security crawling down your throat if they know you are involved, whether or not you knew what was up.

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