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Shadows over Baltimore

Fuchi Industrial Electronics
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Fuchi Industrial Electronics


Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
President/CEO: Richard Villiers
Principal Divisions
Baltimore Division:
Division Head:
Orbital Division:Zurich-Orbital
Division Head:Jacques LeMer
UK Division: Cambridge, UK Sprawl
Division Head: Charles Nakatomi

Fuchi Industrial Electronics

The beginnings of Fuchi Industrial Electronics were in the merger between Dekita Industries (owned by Nakatomi) and Yamana Electronics (founded by Korin Yamana). Yamana Electronics acted as a white knight on the behalf of Dekita Industries to prevent a hostile takeover by the Pacific Rim Bank in 2011, shortly after the Awakening. When Nakatomi tried to buy back the Dekita stock from Yamana, Yamana refused and suggested an alliance for mutual protection and benefit. Despite the conflict and friction between the two companies and their owners, the alliance proved to be fruitful as both companies played to each others' strengths and weaknesses. In 2017, the company formally merged into Fuchi Industrial Electronics, while spreading out into North America, Hawai'i, Australia, and Hong Kong.

In the late 2020s, Fuchi's focus turned toward cyberterminals. Before the Crash Virus hit, Fuchi developed, with aid from Chobetsu Japanese Intelligence, one of the first privately designed cyberterminals. After the Crash Virus and the demonstration of the power of cyberterminals by Echo Mirage, Fuchi executives were determined to perfect and exploit this cutting edge technology.

Along comes Richard Villiers, a corporate raider who had recently acquired desk-sized cyberterminal technology from Ken Roper and Michael Eld, two of the deckers from Echo Mirage. When Roper and Eld both died under mysterious circumstances in 2034 shortly after the development of the Portal, Villiers became the sole owner of Matrix Systems. All of the associated assets and research behind the Portal disappeared, apparently in the hands of Richard Villiers.

A month after the closure of Matrix Systems, Villiers approached Fuchi Industrial Electronics, then the world's foremost computer research corporation. He offered the Portal technology for one third ownership of Fuchi, and control of all North and South American Fuchi operations. He also offered his considerable corporate assets along with the deal. Korin Yamana was all for the deal, but Kiyoshi Nakatomi vetoed the arrangement, remembering the Dekita buyout and betrayal. Three days after the proposition, Nakatomi was murdered by his limo driver, and Shikei Nakatomi inherited the Nakatomi portion of Fuchi. Villiers repeated his offer, and it was accepted, giving each family, Yamana, Nakatomi, and Villiers, roughly one-third control of Fuchi.

In 2036, Fuchi releases its first cyberterminal, the CDT-1000. It was widely successful, and vaulted Fuchi to dominance of the computer market and toward Megacorporation status. In 2038 , Richard Villiers purchased a majority of JRJ International stock and thus purchased a seat in the Corporate Court, making Fuchi a Triple-A Megacorporation.

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