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Shadows over Baltimore

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Baltimore News Net

Miranda Wallace

Racial Violence Threatens to Tear Fell’s Point Apart
Baltimore City Police Department responded to a gang fight in Fell’s Point last night outside of the Elf Nightclub, The Edge. The gangs have been identified as the War Wolves and the Prince’s of the Blood. Both gangs are race exclusive, humans and elves respectively. This is the third act of gang violence out front of the nightclub in the past 2 weeks, though this is the first incident in which race was a factor. Is this the spark of another Race War or just a misunderstanding?

Captain Tanner of the Eastern District had this to say, “This type of behavior is intolerable, we go through great lengths to insure the safety of all UCAS citizens, this type of behavior just reinforces people’s opinions that Metas’ should be restricted to specific neighborhoods. We at the BCPD do not condone this sentiment, but when incidents like this occur it causes concern amongst the public that this type of terrorist behavior is in the nature of metahumans.”

He made no specific comment about the War Wolves involvement nor about their ties to the Humanis Policlub. There were 3 injured bystanders who were taken to H-K Mercy, three gang members were killed by each other and another 2 when BCPD arrived on the scene. There have been no arrests made.

Duncan Cain

A Spark of Hope in the Sprawl
The Undercity, Downtown Baltimore. This dark and depressing monument to an age long gone sits here as a reminder to us of where we came from. Some, like thousands of destitute and impoverished souls try to exist in this polluted, dirty environment, not by choice, but for survival. All of the comforts of our modern lives, lives which we may take for granted is locate a mere 15 meters above those who fight Devil Rats for scraps of moldy bread, risk life and limb by climbing through the skeletal remains of most of these buildings scavenging metal or some other item of value that they can sell to take their child to a doctor. Millions of people pass by overhead in the Arcology, how many of them actually realize what fights to exist below their very feet?

Well a hero of the people has emerged. A National organization has just opened up shop within the Undercity. The Universal Brotherhood espouses belief in one’s self and ability for self empowerment while offering shelter, food and medical care to the sick, poor and lost. They have reported success with similar programs in Chicago, Seattle and NYC and already have a fully staffed clinic in operation. Their Work program has already employed 100 persons to help renovate a rehab center and larger soup kitchen. In a world that is so hostile it is good to see that the meaning of charity isn’t lost on everyone.

S-K Baltimore? Not Just Hot Dogs Anymore
Saeder Krupp has now shown interest in the BCPD’s search for a new line of security gear. Ares, the current Contract holder has released the City from its’ obligation after their security subsidiary, Knight-Errant announced an interest to bid on the city’s Police Provider in 2052 when the current one expires. S-K now joins local Corporation Armatech, Heckler and Koch and Aztechnology. Armatech still seems the favored, especially with the buzz of a secret project they are developing.


Next Season Looks Bleak
Team Owners and the Player’s Union have come to a halt in negotiating terms for next season. This couldn’t have come at a worst time for some stadiums who have reported a record low in attendance since the lawsuits by a number of Magical Adepts were made to allow them to play in the Augmented League. A number of players have threatened to strike if changes aren’t made.

Pit Bulls take Knights
The Baltimore Pit Bulls won their third preseason match against the Ares Black Knights in one of the wildest Urban Brawl matches this preseason. With star Attacker Sean “Iceman” Benton, the Pit Bulls could go all the way this season.

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