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Shadows over Baltimore

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Baltimore News Net (BNN)

Marcia Wallace

More Bodies Found Near Train Museum
Three more bodies were uncovered during the renovation of the Train Museum by New Horizon Development, these were similar to the others, mostly intact except for some type of scratch or bite marks to the face and removal of the eyes. The length of time of the bodies al seem to range from recently to months or years ago.
BCPD officials believe this is due to an unchecked population of Devil Rats, however the localized damage and selective choice of a meal doesn't fit the profile of a scavenger. Though Devil Rats are highly aggressive they are also extremely voracious, possessing a high metabolism requiring them to eat at least twice their body mass in a day.
BCPD has dismissed earlier speculation that this was cult related or an new organ legging gang, even though released evidence doesn't rule out a human killer(s). This is the 14th, 15th and 16th body found in the past two years, there is no telling how many more victims could be out there.

Nerps..For Maintaining Molecular Cohesion
Nerps..For Bed Sores
Nerps..For Sexy Japanese Fashion Models
Nerps..For Troll Linebackers
Nerps..Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Annual EPA Reports Don't Look Promising
The EPA located in Locust Point, has just released a preliminary report to the UCC and the Mayor on the pollution of the Chesapeake Bay and effects of Maritime Shipping and Shore Based Manufacturing. This report comes shortly after eyewitnesses reported seeing a large unnatural creature the locals have named "Monty the Sea Monster".

The reports should confirm the hypothesis that the increased levels of various elemnts in the bay could have worst effects than destroying the eco-system. Zeta-Imp Chem is notorious for pollution in over 15 countries, after a toxic spill off the coast of Yucatan, local fisherman reported a strange type of fish they began catching. It caused unexplained symptoms causing the worldwide ban on most Yucatan seafood last year.

There have been numerous eyewitness reports of this local creature, yet noone has furnished any physical evidence. Coast Guard and Navy Vessels have swept the bay with sonar, thermographic and ultrasound sensors without detcting anything matching the description.

Parazoologists believe it to be a hoax, a clever marketing scam, T-Shirts, Games and even a Children's Show is all being based on this creature. Whether or not the creature is real, Baltimore believes.


Rock Superstar Mercurial

Marie Mercurial Playing Baltimore
It is official, Armando Hernandez, agent of Marie Mercurial has announced that Baltimore will be one of the lucky cities to host her upcoming "Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams" Tour. With the release of her latest album, she has become a word synonymous with marketing. No details on any of her upcoming products, though many fashion designers have already expressed interests in collaboration. Her dark and moody rock seems to have taken Baltimores youth by storm, keeping her at No 1 for the past 2 months.


Electrical Fire to Blame for Doctors Death

The fire that tore through a Reisterstown neighborhood early this morning has been blamed to a faulty wiring connection in the houses oven, the remains of a turkey was still in the oven, the only thing oddly enough to survive the fire, though a little dry from BCPD reports. The fire appears to have started in the Kitchen, quickly spreading through the ground floor, then finally to the upstairs bedroom where Dr Ariel Kingston, a Para-Archaeologist working for Hopkins-Krieger was found. His body was completely burned, positive identification of the corpse was done through the remains of an implanted biomonitor.

This report from the BCPD seems to contradict the initial findings by Franklin Services which is unavailable now, but BCPD officials assure us that the initial report was not done by an active inspector, the one which conducted the investigation did so after being suspended for possible corruption charges.

Services for Dr Kingston will be held this Thursday at St Stanislaus Cemetery in East Baltimore. He is survived by a daughter, Alexandria Kingston, she was unavailable for comment at this time. A spokesman for Hopkins-Krieger has announced a memorial service to commence after the funeral, the public is welcome to attend.

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