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Shadows over Baltimore

Handout T-01

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The slender briefcase is easily opened with the passcode you were given, inside of it are a pair of polymerized clear plastic sheets, sandwiched between them a simgle sheet of parchment, looks to be very old and handwritten in Chinese.
Looking at the parchment you see it appears to be a page from a ledger, perhap from a trader or antique dealer. Despite its' obvious age there are a few entries scribed within the past 30 years.
13th Muramasa -Marushige Family, June 3, 2023 AD
Mahogany Box -Dark Tooth, 730 BC 
Jade Elephant -Master Wing Ren, 979 BC
Porcelain Jar -Master Wing Ren, 979 BC
100 Coins of the Daimyo -Han Family, August 24, 1981 AD

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