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Vehicle Modifications

So, ya wan' me ta Trick ya hoop, neh chummer?

Let's start with your engine. You have 2 choices here, one is a modification to an existing engine, called Engine Customization. The second is to swap out the standard stock engine with a High Performance model. Let me explain the two a bit more;

Engine Customization –Engine customization is a double edged sword, on the one side you can increase an engines ability or performance by customizing it, however in doing so you make it much more difficult to repair, should something happen to it. Certain modification require a vehicles engine to be modified, an engine however can only have a certain number of modifications before it just won’t work. This limit is controlled by the level of Engine Customization. For each point you may add a single modification that is dependent on customization.  However, the downside is that for each point the engine is customized, a -1 Mechanic Dice pool Modifier is applied to all future modifications or repairs made. Working on an engine customized by someone else imparts an automatic -2 Dice penalty which is cumulative.

High Performance Engine –HP engines are not usually factory installed except for certain models of cars, however they are made for racing cars, security models and for private sale. Installing an HP Engine is no small task, requiring a Mechanic Tool Facility to undertake. Standard Engine modifications cannot be used on an HP engine, special high performance parts must be used, and however you do get what you pay for in form of performance. An HP Engine can be customized. Due to high grade materials the vehicle runs cooler than standard ones and gains a +1 to its signature. A High Performance engine provides a +5/+15 bonus to Accel and +20 to Speed.

Custom Engine Modifications

These here modifications can be done on your ride, however these require customizing the engine. Some also have maximum levels that may be installed, the greater the level the more effective the device.

Nitrous Oxide Injector (Mechanics + Logic 6, 6 hours) Activated as a simple action (free cybernetic), Nitrous Injector decreases the threshold for “sprint” test from 1 meter per 2 hits, to 1 meter per hit. Nitrous does have its’ dangers though. Anytime a glitch or a critical glitch occurs the vehicle risks exploding. Injectors may only be added to Internal Combustion engines.

Contingency Maneuver Controls (CMCs) (10) (Electronics + Logic 4, 1 day)–These are failsafes, backups and redundancies that are built into a vehicle, reinforcements to the chassis, control systems and suspension are also made so that the vehicle will still operate after sustaining structural damage. Every level of CMC added to a vehicle acts like Damage Compensators, ignoring damage modifiers for wounds not in excess of the CMC Rating.

Active Thermal Masking (4)(Mechanic + Logic 12, 2 days)-This is a modification to a vehicles engine, coolant and exhaust systems which reduces its thermal image and increasing its signature by +1 for each level and conferring a -1 Perception (Thermal) Dice Pool Modifier.

Active Aural Masking (4) (Mechanic + Logic 10, 2 days) –A vehicle modified to run quieter has all of its fluid lines upgraded with better materials and fluids and braking system retrofitted with composite discs and rotors, ensuring proper lubrication of the majority of moving parts or the least amount of friction. Each level of this modifications provides a -1 Perception (Hearing) Dice Pool Modifier.

Miscallaneous Modifications

Advanced Passenger Protection System (APPS) (Mechanic + Logic 8, 1 day) An APPS system is a modification and upgrade to the basic safety features common to most vehicles. Multiple airbags, additional safety belts and a reinforced console confer a +4 Damage Resistance Dice Pool modifier, if for any reason the Airbag system is disabled the bonus is reduced to a +2.

Morphing License Plate (Electronics + Logic 2, 2 hours) This license plate is actually a polymeric resin, similar to ruthenium polymers, it is able to change its color, shape and tag number with a complex action and a vehicle control system, it can be controlled cybernetically as a free action with a Vehicle Control Rig by a Rigger. It can also be directly linked to a transponder library, in which case the transponder can be matched to a tag.

Transponder Library (Electronics + Logic 2, 2 hours) install, (Computer 2, 1 hour) to program. A Transponder library is just a dedicated datastore, it can hold multiple transponders within its’ library which can be activated by direct input or cybernetic control.

Vehicle Termination Chip (Electronics + Logic 4, 6 hours) This chip is standard in most commercially purchased vehicles. It can be accessed via WiFi and upon activation issues a complete shutdown of the vehicles engine and all computer systems.

Turbocharging  (Mechanic + Logic 10, 1 day) Provides an increase in maximum Accel +5/+10, Speed +20 however the vehicles signature is reduced by -1.

Chassis Modifications

Now of course if you want to start slapping weapons and armor onto this thing then you'll need to reinforce the chassis if it is a car. Or I can add some off or on road suspension.

Improved Suspension (Mechanics + Logic 8, 1 day) Improvements to the vehicles struts and shocks and the use of performance tires provides a driver with a +2 Pilot Vehicle Skill while travelling on paved streets and roads. A vehicle with improved suspension may not have off road suspension.

Off-road Suspension (Mechanic + Logic 6, 1 day) This is a total retrofit of a ground vehicles suspension and chassis, raising it from the ground and reinforcing the undercarriage so that it can sustain more abuse from rocks, branches and debris. It requires the use of Off Road Tires in order to gain the +2 Pilot Vehicle Dice Pool while travelling on unpaved, broken and uneven terrain. A vehicle with off road suspension may not also have improved suspension.

Stripped Chassis (Mechanics + Logic 6, 1 day) By effectively stripping most extraneous metal and armor, or replacing existing parts with fiberglass and plastic a car or truck with this modification increases its Handling by +1, Accel by +5/+10 and Speed +20, however its body is decreased by 2 and armor reduced to 0.

Reinforced Chassis (Mechanics + Logic 8, 1 day) Increases the cars body by +2 and allows the mounting of heavy weapons and armor. The added bulk does impose a -2 to the vehicles Handling.

Vehicular Armor

Armor comes in different styles and weights, by rule all cars have a Standard Chassis and Trucks have Reinforced Chassis unless modified somehow. If there is a High Performance (HP) requirement adding the armor negates the Accel and Speed bonus the HP engine normally provides.
Bike/Standard Chassis/Reinforced Chassis
Concealed Armor +2 Armor
Light Bike Armor +2 Armor
Standard Chassis/Reinforced Chassis
(HP)Heavy Bike Armor +4 Armor
(HP)Light Armor Plating +4 Armor
(HP)Concealed Security Armor +4 Armor
Reinforced Chassis
(HP)Concealed Reinforced Security Armor +6 Armor
(HP)Medium Armor Plating +6 Armor
(HP)Heavy Armor Plating +8 Armor


Run-flat Tires These tires are considered to have an armor rating of 6 against attacks against them. A vehicle equipped with run-flat tires can still function, however a -1 Dice Pool Modifier to driving tests is imposed for each tire detroyed. A vehicle can still operate normally with at least half of its tires still in one piece.
Grip Tires These tires can grip any not wet, solid surface providing unmatched traction in a tire and a +1 bonus to the vehicles Handling.
High Performance Tires These tires are required in order to gain the benefits of Improved Suspension.
Off Road Tires These tires are required in order to gain the benefits of improved suspension.
Dual Purpose Tires These are special tires that combine the effects of two types of tires into one. They are expensive to replace.

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