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Under Construction
Cone Leaning Left

Welcome to the site for my Dark Heresy campaign. If you are playing in my campaign then peruse the following pages, from rule changes and additions to brand new gear to outfit your character with, I have it all being amassed here, online.
This is by no means complete at the time of this writing and will not be as long as I run the campaign and have internet access. My intentions being to slowly fill in missing information, add new entries and update existing ones.

This is going to be as much driven by the characters as designed by myself and other Dark Heresy content creators. I will incorporate any designs, images or text for your characters as you want, hopefully including an online character sheet in the future.
I have a few stand ins for pics, especially in the player section and still have formatting, pricing and weights of some gear done. I have added various upgrades for equipment and weapons, while those are optional the changes to weapon quality is not. There are some nice combinations of gear for weapons, though you must read the description and have the correct number of slots in the weapon (based on quality). Alot of the basic wargear can be buy and forget. Tents, Climbing Gear, Packs and Auspex devices. They can also be modified to alow their functions to be enhanced or to add new uses for it. The idea is not to create a list of numbers that can be crunched to design the perfect whatever, unless that is something you like to do. If so you can make or have made a large variance of basic items.
I can't stress that this site is under heavy construction and I have yet to edit for mistakes or missing information, feel free to email me any inconsistencies you may find. This information has been transfeered from numerous medias up to this point.

What's New?

1/06/09 This whole site is new..still under construction but coming along slowly. As soon as I get the issues with my router rectified I will be hosting an online game that will run paralell to the live game on Tuesdays. It will also incorporate any campaig info for Mordheim, Necromunda, d20 Fallout, etc.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.