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Shadows over Baltimore

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The Major Player's in the Corporate World

Corporations (AAA)
Yamatetsu (YAM)

Corporations (AA)
Universal Omnitech (U-O)
Federated-Boeing (F-B)
Telestrian (TEL)
United Oil (UNI)
UCAS Steel and Manuacturing (STL)
Visionquest Entertainment (VISE)
Pacific Rim Communications Unlimited (PRC)
Lone Star Security Services (LSSS)
Armatech (ARM)
Heckler and Koch (HEK)
General Motors Corporation (GMC)
Toyotacorp (TOY)
Zeta-ImpChem (ZET)

Corporations (A)
Brackhaven Financial Services
Eagle Security
New Horizon Development
Hard Corps, Inc
Perfekto Polymers

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